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Did you know? According to some reports, heating and cooling accounts for a whopping 38% of the typical home’s energy usage.

Little wonder our mobile tech team has started receiving so many questions relating to energy efficiency in recent years!

Last time we were here, we talked about what types of air conditioning systems are the most energy-efficient.

This week, we’re continuing that train of thought and taking it to the next logical step – what’s the most energy-efficient brand for your air conditioning installation in Brisbane?

Air conditioning brands we work with

We here at Tri-Tech are extremely choosy with what air conditioning brands we work with. 

This strict selection is just one of the ways we’re able to deliver superior air conditioning installation for Brisbane residents!

Our team looks at a range of different factors when choosing air conditioning brands – one of which is energy-efficiency.

Some of the brands we choose include…

Mitsubishi Electric

We make no secret of the fact that Mitsubishi Electric is one of our favourite air conditioning brands to work with.

We’re Mitsubishi Diamond Dealers and recently won 2019’s Dealer of the Year for south-east Queensland (an honour we’ve accepted 10 times!)

Part of this is the huge range of Mitsubishi Electric systems, which allows us to create air conditioning solutions built around your home.

Another part of this is their energy efficiency!

New Mitsubishi Electric systems come with “Econo Cool”, which is an intelligent system that adjusts air flow and distribution to increase how comfortable you feel without having to set the thermostat lower.

That means you’ll be able to leave the temperature a whole 2°C higher than normal, without affecting your comfort.

Learn more about Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning installation.


Air conditioning systems from Daikin are built with energy-efficiency in mind.

The Daikin US7 split-system in particular is one of the most energy-efficient options around, and was one of the first systems to be given a 7-star energy efficiency rating in Australia.

It isn’t just their split systems that are built with efficiency in mind, either – this philosophy carries through to the rest of Daikin’s product range, including its ducted and commercial air conditioning systems.

In addition to energy-efficiency, Daikin’s research labs were also instrumental in the development of R32 refrigerant, a more environmentally-friendly and efficient alternative to legacy refrigerants.

Learn more about Daikin air conditioning installation.


We here at Tri-Tech make it our mission to keep up to date with the latest in air conditioning developments.

That’s why we love sharing small duct air conditioning from AirSmart!

In addition to making ducted cooling installation possible in properties that otherwise wouldn’t be able to support ducts, the usage of narrower ducts also has a curious side-effect: it can also reduce your energy usage!

Simply put, smaller ducts require less energy to pump air through them, reducing your energy usage.

What’s more, Bernoulli’s principle also means that air coming from a smaller duct disperses more evenly, leading to more consistent cooling.

Interested in small duct air conditioning installation in Brisbane?

Learn more about AirSmart installation.

Actron Air

Founded right here in Australia, Actron Air is 100% Aussie owned and managed.

And since it’s a proudly local air conditioning company, all of its systems are created specifically with Australian requirements – and temperatures – in mind.

This makes Actron Air a great choice for air conditioning installation in Brisbane!

Actron Air systems are also engineered with a range of energy-saving features. 

The ESP Plus Series 2 ducted system uses a digital compressor and system to reduce energy usage and minimise spooling up time.

Combine that with variable fan technology and zoning options, and you get one of the most energy efficient ducted systems on the market!

Learn more about Actron Air installation.

air conditioning Brisbane

Which of these brands is the most energy-efficient?

All of this sounds great… but which of these brands is the most energy-efficient choice for your home or business?

The truth is that any of them are solid choices!

We know, it sounds like a cop-out. But it’s true!

The air conditioning industry in general has been trending towards an increased focus on efficiency lately, with each of the major brands seriously raising their game.

Combine that with our in-depth approach to system design, and you can be confident that you’re getting the most efficient option possible!

How air conditioning system design gives you the most efficient system possible

Our approach to system design goes deep.

We don’t just look at room volume – our team does a deep dive into the room or property, looking at a wide range of variables which can influence the amount of cooling power you need!

By taking stock of each of these variables, our team can choose the most suitable system, which will help you cut down on your power consumption.

That’s because a system that’s too powerful or too weak can lead to wasted electricity!

Obviously, an undersized system will struggle to cool you down, and will use more power to achieve the same result.

What you may not know however is that an oversized system can also waste energy!

Oversized air conditioners get to the target temperature faster. You’d think this is a good thing, right? Unfortunately not – this causes oversized systems to run stop-start.

This wastes energy unnecessarily, as air conditioners use the most energy while they’re starting up.

Not to mention, it also translates into greater wear-and-tear, and may lead to more frequent air conditioning repairs.

By carefully considering all possibilities, we ensure that your system is the perfect size for your cooling requirements – not too big, not too small, but just right.

Choose Tri-Tech for air conditioning installation in Brisbane

When it comes to air conditioning installation in Brisbane, Tri-Tech is the team to call.

Our team of air conditioning experts understand the need for a custom aircon system that suits your particular requirements, delivering you the most energy-efficient solutions possible.

Get in touch with our multi-award winning team today – give us a ring on (07) 3394 0222 or click here to get a quote.

We suggest moving fast – now that summer is upon us, our phones are ringing hot!

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