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Always keep your aircon unit at its best condition with Tri-Tech’s air conditioner services in Brisbane.

Hot? Call our mobile tech team now for air conditioners service in Brisbane!

Call Tri-Tech for:

  • Split system air conditioner service
  • Ducted air conditioning maintenance
  • Residential and commercial air conditioning services
  • Commercial maintenance contracts

With our air conditioning servicing across Brisbane, you’ll be able to identify and fix issues in your cooling system before they turn into major problems.

air conditioning services brisbane

What kind of air conditioning services in Brisbane do we offer?

Our mobile tech team are expert in air conditioning services.

We’re confident in our ability to inspect and service air conditioning systems. It doesn’t matter the brand, type of system, or how big it is – if it spits cool air, it’s something that we can work on!

With 30 years experience under our belts , we’ve become the leader in air conditioning servicing in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Our mission is to keep you cool, and we’ve been performing it for more than three decades now. If you need air conditioner service in Brisbane, give us a call.

Air Conditioners Service Brisbane -General MaintenanceGeneral maintenance

Like any other mechanical device, parts can fail or wear out with extended usage or the passage of time.

Our team ensures all components and parts never reach that state. We’ll keep each component of your air conditioning system in good condition, working with all types of systems from a range of manufacturers.

Air Conditioning Electrical Service in BrisbaneElectrical service

We shouldn’t have to tell you that faulty wiring can be dangerous. Luckily, our team are also licensed to perform electrical services!

Our aircon servicing in Brisbane also includes inspections of your wiring, ensuring that the electrical work is safe and fit-for-purpose.

Air Conditioning Cleaning Services BrisbaneCleaning

Filters, ducts and tubing can all become clogged with debris and dirt as the years pass. This can negatively affect your system’s performance (and by extension, impact your comfort at home or work!)

By cleaning these components, our mobile tech-team ensures that your system continues performing as intended.

Checking Air conditioners Gas Levels & Services BrisbaneChecking gas levels

Refrigerant gas is the lifeblood of your aircon system. When it runs out, you can say goodbye to your comfort!

Our maintenance service also includes checks of your refrigerant levels. If we notice that it’s running low, we’ll top it up for you, ensuring you have an effective system to keep your space cool.

Air Conditioners Service in Brisbane for all types of systemService for all types of systems

Whether you need split system air conditioner service in Brisbane, or a professional opinion regarding your ducted system, we can help!

With more than 30 years of air conditioning experience, we’ve worked on just about every type of system under the sun.

We service these air conditioning brands

From wall mounted split systems to industrial ducted systems, from indoor units to outdoor ones, ensure your Daikin system is running at its peak with servicing from official Daikin warranty agents!

Stay comfortable year-round with Daikin air conditioning service and repairs. Our rapid-response team is ready to assist, anywhere in Brisbane!

Mitsubishi Electric

Keep your Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning system in optimum working order with periodic servicing from Tri-Tech!

Hot? Call Tri-Tech now for urgent Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning service and repairs. Our mobile tech team is roaming across Brisbane, helping you keep your cool during our hot summers.


MyAir technology is fantastic: it gives you complete and precise control over your heating and cooling. Best of all, it keeps you comfortable year-round while also helping to keep your energy bills in check.

So if your unit malfunctions or isn’t working as intended, you need urgent repairs! Contact Tri-Tech for MyAir servicing and ensure your system performs at its best.

Tri-Tech air conditioning service contracts

Business owners are busy people. It’s easy for some responsibilities to slip through the cracks. Luckily for you, our ongoing service contracts ensure that you never have to worry about your commercial air conditioning.

In addition to on-demand air conditioning service in Brisbane, Tri-Tech is pleased to offer ongoing service contracts to commercial clients all over Brisbane and south-east Queensland.

We’ll help you prolong the life of your air conditioning systems and continue to provide a healthy air environment for your customers, clients, students, patients, staff, visitors, or general public, without having to worry about whether your system is working.

If you are interested in a service contract for your premises, please don’t hesitate to contact our Tri-Tech experts today.

We will:

  • Review the number of air conditioning assets on site
  • Liaise with you regarding service regularity
  • Address any special requirements
  • Provide transparent pricing

Our team work on your schedule, and create a custom service contract that works around your schedule and takes into consideration your site and system.

Finally, our service contract clients also enjoy out-of-hours emergency repairs – just another reason to set one up!

How our aircon service contracts work
  1. We use Simpro (a web-based service app) to record all your air conditioning assets and details
  2. Every time one of our technicians attends an asset, compulsory detailed tests are performed and recorded
  3. All service reports are reviewed by our experienced and trade-qualified Service Manager prior to issuing to the client
  4. Any required works are carried quoted or carried out, depending on the permission level provided by the client

Since all of our air conditioning inspections are recorded using a web-based app, you’ll be able to check the status of your systems wherever you go. You’ll also receive automated alerts when your next service is due.

Why choose Tri-Tech for air conditioners service in Brisbane?

For commercial clients, our team also extends our services beyond the Brisbane area, offering services to Gold Coast, Iswich, Logan and more.

We are proud of the transparency and standard of service we deliver!

Interested in learning more about Tri-Tech’s service contracts? Reach out to our tech team today! Call us on (07) 3394 0222 or fill in this form.

For commercial clients, our team also extends our services beyond the Brisbane area, offering services to Gold Coast, Iswich, Logan and more.

We are proud of the transparency and standard of service we deliver!

Interested in learning more about Tri-Tech’s service contracts? Reach out to our tech team today! Call us on (07) (3394 0222) or fill in this form.