Reverse cycle air conditioning Brisbane

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Reverse cycle air conditioning

Australia is truly a lucky country – our summers are long and warm, while our winters are relatively mild.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get cold from time-to-time!

  • Reverse cycle systems double as heaters during winter
  • They are available as ducted, split systems & multi split systems
  • They’re fast becoming a staple of Aussie homes and businesses

Get year-round comfort for your family, team, and customers with a reverse cycle air conditioning system.

Reverse cycle air conditioning Brisbane

Why choose a reverse cycle system?

One time payment for reverse cycle air conditioning You only pay once

Paying for both cooling and heating systems can push out your construction budget.

With a reverse cycle system, instead of paying for both heating and cooling, you only pay for one system and one installation.

The perfect solution for year-round comfort in the home or office!

efficient reverse cycle air conditioning Efficient heating

Most traditional heaters create heat directly, converting electric currents into heat. This process can use up a lot energy.

Instead of creating heat, reverse cycle systems exchange heat from outside air and deliver it into your home (and they do the same when cooling, too).

This is a significantly more energy-efficient way to control the indoor climate and reduce your energy bills!

unrivalled reverse cycle air conditioning Unrivalled flexibility

Reverse cycle air conditioning technology comes in ducted, split and multi split systems, allowing Tri-Tech to design systems that suit your specific needs.

If different areas of your home need to maintain different temperatures, consider a ducted reverse system with zoning and wi-fi control. Alternatively, a multi split system or single split systems may be the best solution for your requirements.

Our team will help you decide!

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning Brisbane

Are you looking for an efficient way to enjoy whole-home cooling or heating throughout the year?

Then look no further with ducted reverse cycle air conditioning in Brisbane!

We know that homeowners like you are constantly looking for ways to save on electricity bills without compromising comfort – that’s why an energy-efficient and reliable ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is a must.

Cools in summer and warms in winter

The main benefit of a reverse cycle system is that it provides year-round comfort. Just as it cools during summer, it can warm during winter.

A ducted reverse cycle system offers the ultimate in comfort, too, offering whole-home heating and cooling.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning ensures each room in your home is filled with clean, pleasant, and comfortable air – no matter the weather outside!

Improves air quality

Do you have pets at home? Or someone who suffers from hayfever or allergies?

Improve the air quality of your home and commercial space with additional filtration devices fitted to your ductwork.

Breathe easy! Ensure the air generated by your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is pure and free from dust mites and pollen.

Energy efficient

An efficient system that runs on electricity, designed to help you live in comfort!

Low running costs means you don’t have to sacrifice cooling or heating power – any day of the year.

This solid investment can also add great resale value to your home.

Quiet operation

We strongly believe that an air conditioning system should only be felt, and not heard!

There’s no need to compromise power and comfort because of noise with a ducted air conditioning system. Enjoy whisper-quiet operation from your heating and cooling solution.

Find out more about ducted reverse cycle air conditioning here.

Reverse cycle air conditioning installation

reverse cycle air conditioning

Think of reverse cycle air conditioning as a special kind of technology that is applicable to a range of air conditioning systems, such as ducted or split systems.

That means that regardless of your system, you can still enjoy reverse cycle technology, where a single system is able to both cool and heat to deliver year-round content.

The next question, therefore, lies in which type of system is right for your home.

Tri-Tech’s team of air conditioning experts will liaise with you to help you understand the types of systems in the market, and which are most suitable for your home, lifestyle, and budget.

We know that no two homes or commercial spaces are alike; that’s why you need a professional to create a customised system best suited to your space.

We give the right advice and solutions

Budget is one of the most important factors we must take into consideration when designing your system.

Get the right advice from the start – begin with an on-site consultation where we come to your property and understand what you’re looking for, and how much you want to spend.

The result? A tailored reverse cycle air conditioning solution guaranteed to deliver year-round comfort.

Rely on registered and licensed technicians

Work only with the experts!

The Tri-Tech team is made up of licensed and registered tradespeople who have the experience and qualifications to successfully install your reverse cycle air conditioning solution.

Enjoy high-quality workmanship

Whether we’re installing a ducted air conditioning system during new construction or fitting your home with a few wall-mounted split systems, you can rely on the Tri-Tech team for high quality workmanship and installation.

From our initial on-site inspection through system design and of course installation day, we’re delivering our trademark service!

We work with the world’s leading brands

We are proud to support some of Australia and the world’s leading air conditioning brands.

We understand that air conditioning is an investment and designed to last, which is why we use reputable systems from brands including Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, and ActronAir.

Find out more about the brands we choose here.

Upgrade to a reverse cycle system for year-round comfort

Does your home still rely on a outdated heater for warmth?

Talk to Tri-Tech about our upgrading an old system to a modern and efficient inverter ducted, multi split or single split reverse cycle system.

Reverse cycle air conditioning systems are the ultimate in climate control and comfort. Heat and cool your home or business and keep your family, clients, and employees comfortable year-round.

reverse cycle air conditioning