Actron Air Conditioning Brisbane

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Actron Air Conditioning

ActronAir designs and manufactures reverse cycle, ducted air conditioning Brisbane suitable for any home or business environment. What’s more, ActronAir also provides a range of wall split systems designed to perform in Australian conditions.

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actron air brisbane

Actron ducted air conditioning range

ActronAir’s Classic ducted air conditioner

Enjoy year-round Classic comfort. ActronAir’s Classic ducted air conditioner uses standard cycling technology to heat or cool your whole house or just a few zones. It operates at 100% capacity to deliver maximum performance in all seasons.

ActronAir’s ESP Plus

The award winning ESP Plus delivers energy-smart zoning. It can sense when zones are switched on or off and intuitively adjusts airflow and system capacity. This reduces energy usage significantly.

ActronAir’s ESP Ultima

For the ultimate in energy-efficient air conditioning comfort. ESP Ultima gives you the flexibility of controlling different temperatures in different zones – all at the same time.

Actron Air Conditioning installation

Australian-designed and manufactured air conditioning, tailored for Australian homes

Australia is a continent defined by weather extremes. In south-east Queensland alone, we see a lot of variations in humidity and temperature.

And we haven’t even talked about the micro factors unique to your property, such as sunlight, insulation, room volume or heat-generating appliances like cooktops, each of which can affect your comfort.

When you call Tri-Tech for ActronAir air conditioning installation Brisbane, we won’t just recommend a unit: we’ll take a deep dive into your property and identify factors that can affect your comfort.

Actron Air conditioning Brisbane

Based on your unique needs, we’ll choose and install the ActronAir product that best suits your environment, with appropriate zoning and control systems for a more effective and efficient air conditioning system.

ActronAir service and repair

Air conditioning service contracts

Avoid unexpected breakdowns by talking to Tri-Tech about our service contracts.

Commercial clients will never have to worry about a faltering system failing to keep you cool, with our rapid-response mobile tech team ready to attend to your urgent air conditioning needs.

In-depth inspections identify and proactively fix issues, keeping your staff, customers and visitors comfortable.

Each routine service is logged using Simpro, a web-based app. You’ll be able to see exactly what’s been done on your air conditioning system, allowing for 100% transparency.

Want to discuss a service contract for your business? Give us a call today on (07) 3394 0222 or fill in this form and we’ll be in touch.

Keep your home cool with Tri-Tech’s air conditioning service and repairs

  • Are your air conditioning filters clogged?
  • Has your system run out of refrigerant?
  • Is there a leak in your tubing?

We don’t just perform ActronAir installation – our team are also experts at air conditioning service and repairs.

We’ve spent the last 30 years helping homes and businesses all over Brisbane maintain their air conditioning, including systems from ActronAir.

In addition to installing your system, the Tri-Tech team is also experienced in servicing and repairing them too.

Whether yours is a ducted system or contains multiple split systems, our team can help!

ActronAir upgrade and replacement

Is your existing air conditioner in need of replacement? Want to add extra zones to your existing ducted cooling system?

Choose ActronAir upgrade and replacement!

ActronAir has a unique insight into Australian climates and weather conditions.

ActronAir systems are designed specifically for the needs of Australian households and businesses, making it a popular choice for air conditioning upgrades in Brisbane.

And if you’re planning an air conditioning upgrade in the near future, you’ll want to get in touch with Tri-Tech!

Our team works hard to re-use as much of your current air conditioning set-up as possible.

We’ll reintegrate existing ducts and tubing wherever possible, reducing the cost of your air conditioning upgrade.

High-tech air conditioning

One type of air conditioning upgrade we’re proud to offer is high-tech control over your air conditioning.

Technology is moving fast – nowadays, you can order a pizza, monitor your home’s CCTV cameras, do your banking, and more, all from a single device.

And with Tri-Tech’s help, you can add controlling your air conditioner to that list!

  • Remotely turn your air conditioning on and off
  • Control airflow to individual rooms
  • Room sensors that automatically regulate air supply

Combine this with extensive zoning options, and it’s easy to see how technology has had a huge influence on our industry.

Talk to our experienced team about upgrading your existing ActronAir system with ActronAir’s proprietary system or third-party add-ons like MyAir.

Commercial air conditioning

From outback mines to retail super centres; from commercial office buildings to 6-star developments. ActronAir has the technology and the range of products to perform within virtually any design or configuration.

Wall split system air conditioners

Wall split systems offer an economical solution for single room applications. The ActronAir range of split air conditioners match stylish good looks with performance in all seasons.

To get your free quotation for an ActronAir air conditioning system, call Tri-Tech today on 3394 0222 or take a minute to fill out the Quote Request form and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Actron Air conditioning Brisbane