Builders Air Conditioning Brisbane

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Air conditioning solutions for builders

Whether you’re building a client’s dream house, an office block, or boutique apartments, engage Tri-Tech Air for the right cooling solutions.

  • Air conditioning system design and installation for builders across south-east Queensland
  • We work closely with the construction and design industry, including architects and builders
  • Engage us early for the most effective and efficient cooling solutions for your next project
Builders Air Conditioning Brisbane

Builders know that putting in the wrong utilities can bring down the value of their project.

Whether it’s an air conditioning system, plumbing, or wiring, these errors can often cost thousands to correct. Additionally, they also cause ongoing problems for the intended residents or users.

To ensure the optimal result upon completion of your project, it’s important to take onboard a competent air conditioning specialist, and to do it early.

Why choose Tri-Tech?

30+ years’ experience (and counting!)

We’ve been installing air conditioning systems under the Tri-Tech name for both commercial and residential building projects since 1989, and both of our founders have over 35 years’ experience.

We guarantee the best combination of coverage, power, and value-for-money for all of our clients.

With you from start to finish

We offer our experience at every stage of the building process, from the initial consultation through the design and ultimately the installation process

  • Consultation
  • System design
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Ongoing maintenance

No job too big or small

The team at Tri-Tech Air Conditioning have worked on projects ranging from single-story houses to large commercial properties.

Tri-Tech offers heating, cooling and ventilation solutions that are fit-for-purpose and guarantee year-round comfort, whether you’re building a house, office block or warehouse.

HVAC solutions for all projects

With experience installing and maintaining everything from split systems, to complex ducted air conditioning zoning and complete system design, our goal is to help you build something that meets your client’s demands.

Complete system design from

Delivering optimum climate control solutions goes further than just the installation of an air conditioning system. Every building project is unique. And every one of them requires a tailored approach.

We work with builders to determine the most efficient and cost-effective way of setting it up. We help builders with considerations such as:

  • The best system for the budget
  • Understanding the current market trends demanded by end users
  • Best system design
  • Installation
Builders Air Conditioning

When we design air conditioning systems for builders, we always run them through all the options.

While the final decision is up to you, we use our expertise and knowledge to offer informed recommendations that guarantee your building project results in a comfortable environment.