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MyAir Australia

The latest in air conditioning technology from Advantage Air, MyAir is a high-tech, reliable, and easy-to-use management system.

  • MyAir combines advanced technology with convenience for customised comfort
  • Provides Aussie families with the ultimate in climate control
  • Can be controlled completely from any smartphone or tablet
  • Unlike other brands, it doesn’t require only one dedicated thermostat

With technology making its way into every aspect of our day-to-day lives, it was only a matter of time before our air conditioners became “smart” devices too!

Myair Airconditioning brisbane

Best of all, MyAir is compatible with all major air conditioning brands, and can be retrofitted to many existing systems.

When planning your new system be sure to ask Tri Tech’s skilled experts about the benefits of Advantage Air’s MyAir technology.

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MyAir air conditioning installation

Enjoy your air conditioning YOUR way with MyAir air conditioning installation

Tri-Tech can retrofit MyAir zone control into many pre-existing ducted cooling systems. It doesn’t matter how old, how expansive the system is, or what brand it is.

If you want to enjoy a greater level of comfort with your ducted air conditioning system, you can rely on Tri-Tech, Brisbane’s premier team for MyAir installation.

Our mobile tech team has successfully integrated it into existing ducted air conditioning systems from all of Australia’s leading air conditioning brands.

Whether you want to enhance the effectiveness of your brand-new ducted system, or simply want to give your existing HVAC system a new lease on life, Tri-Tech is the team to call.

As with any other air conditioning installation we’re called out to, our process starts with system design.

We begin by taking a close look at your home, office, school, or factory air conditioning needs, asking questions about:

  • Which rooms you use most often
  • How much control you want over your comfort
  • Temperature fluctuations in individual rooms

All of this allows us to accurately determine your air conditioning needs.

Armed with this information, we can determine how many zones you’ll need, and where ducting gates should be installed for maximum effectiveness.

Up to 10 zones of comfort

House sizes are on an upwards trend. In 2012, the number of houses with four or more bedrooms grew from 17% to 31%!

With homes getting bigger, the standard “day-night” zoned ducted systems are quickly becoming “old school” in the modern Aussie household!

MyAir looks after your comfort by splitting your home in up to 10 zones, giving you control over the temperature in each zone.

This way, each member of the family can enjoy precise and dedicated climate control – no matter which room of the house they’re in.

Total control

Using Advantage Air’s patented Exact Air Regulator (EAR), MyAir offers advanced airflow control systems that let you control how much air each room receives, down to precise 5% adjustments.

MyAir is compatible with most ducted systems, and can even control four separate air conditioning systems independently, completely eliminating the need for multiple control panels or remotes.

MyAir air conditioning service and repair

Feeling a little hot? Has it been a while since your air conditioner was last serviced?

Don’t sweat it – Tri-Tech it.

Our team doesn’t just install innovative air conditioning solutions – we’re also experts at air conditioning service and repair.

Our offer effective air conditioning service and repairs for Australia’s most popular air conditioning brands, including MyAir.

With 35 years of experience under our belts, there’s no air conditioning problem that we haven’t encountered.

If your home or office needs MyAir service or repair, contact Tri-Tech’s mobile tech team today! We’ll inspect the adaptor unit as well as ducting gates, identifying and rectifying potential issues.

While we’re there, we can also perform an inspection of the rest of your ducted air conditioning system.

We’ll inspect ducting and perform a deep dive into the condenser unit, checking refrigerant levels, tubing, drainage and more.

MyAir air conditioning upgrade and replacement

Need more zones added to your MyAir system? Call Tri-Tech!

Have you recently converted your spare bedroom into a private gym? Got a new oven that runs hotter than the old one? About to welcome a new member into the family?

Each of these situations may change your cooling requirements, rendering your current zoning setup no longer suitable.

In addition to adding MyAir to your existing ducted cooling system, our team can also help you by adding extra zones to your MyAir zoning system, granting you even greater control over your home climate.

We can also integrate optional extras such as sensors to help you reduce your energy consumption, or upgrade your control screen to a more powerful tablet device.

Call now for MyAir upgrade and replacement: (07) 3394 0222.

Advanced sensors

Want even more precise temperature control?

  • Some rooms face the sun
  • Rooms vary in size
  • Insulation quality might vary in certain parts of the home

That’s why MyAir comes with temperature sensors in each zone, allowing your air conditioning system to maintain a consistent temperature in each zone.

Users also have the option of installing motion trackers throughout the house. When the sensors detect that a room is empty, MyAir gradually adjusts the amount of power dedicated to that room, reducing your energy usage.

When you re-enter, MyAir quickly returns to your target temperature – talk about advanced technology!

If you want to learn more about MyAir integration, contact our tech team today.

About Advantage Air

Advantage Air

Established in Perth in 1990, Advantage Air has become one of Australia’s leaders in smart climate control technology in the home.

MyAir is Advantage Air’s premium air conditioning system that allows up to 10 zones to be individually controlled for the ultimate in comfort and efficiency.

Tri-Tech is proud to be a Brisbane MyAir specialist and to work with the Advantage Air brand!