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Your trusted Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Installer

Tri-Tech Air Conditioning Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Brisbane are multi award-winning Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning dealers and have installed hundreds of Mitsubishi systems in our beautiful Brisbane.

Whether you need a high quality air conditioner for your cozy home or your bustling office, our team of experienced professionals is here to provide you with expert advice, seamless installations, and ongoing support.

Oh, and here’s something that makes us shine bright like a diamond – we’re proud to be a trusted Mitsubishi aircon diamond dealer! That means you can count on us to bring you the best of the best when it comes to Mitsubishi air conditioning technology.

The Mitsubishi MSZ-AP Series Range

The new MSZ-AP Series range is a flexible and affordable air conditioning solution that is the perfect answer to providing a comfortable environment with minimum disruption.

It is quick to install and one of the quietest reverse cycle air conditioning units on the market, meaning that the environmental impact caused by operating noise is minimised.

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Mitsubishi Electric - Diamond Dealer

The M series is surprisingly cost-effective and has unique features including ‘Econo-Cool’ airflow to be accurately directed towards users, meaning set temperatures can be raised by 2ºC with no loss in comfort and a 20% gain in energy efficiency.

In addition, the M Series includes multi-split system air conditioner models that will run up to eight indoor units per outdoor unit.

The Mitsubishi Electric range also includes fully ducted options, meaning that whatever your requirement, they have a solution for you.

Why choose us when it comes to Mitsubishi Aircon installation

With 35 years in the business, Tri-Tech is one of Brisbane’s leading air conditioning teams.

For three decades, we’ve installed tailored solutions for properties all over Brisbane and south-east Queensland, including:

  • Houses
  • Offices
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Hotels
  • New builds
  • Schools and hospitals
Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning installation

When it comes to Mitsubishi Aircon Installation, you name it, and we’ve done it!

We work closely with a diverse portfolio of the world’s most reputable air conditioning brands – chief among them, Mitsubishi Electric.

Whether you need a new air conditioning installation or service, there’s no better team to call than Tri-Tech’s!

Unmatched knowledge

At Tri-Tech, we have unmatched product knowledge about Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems. We have decades of hands-on experience and institutional knowledge to fall back upon.

In addition to tailored air conditioning solutions, our knowledge also makes us the team to call if you need your Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner serviced. No matter the problem, chances are we’ve dealt with it before!

Unique cooling solutions

Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide range of cooling solutions.

As a Mitsubishi Electric specialist, we’re able to offer a range of unique air conditioning solutions, allowing us to tailor your cooling to your needs.

For example, we’re one of the first air conditioning installers in Brisbane to offer voice control-enabled Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems – just one example of the unique cooling solutions our mobile tech team offers.

Expert system design

Air conditioning installation isn’t as simple as just dropping in a system – it takes a lot of planning and thought, with careful consideration given to factors such as on-site insulation, windows, room volume and electronics usage.

During the design phase, Tri-Tech’s team carefully considers each of these factors as well as your budget, carefully selecting an air conditioning system from Mitsubishi Electric’s that meets all of those criteria.

Award-winning Mitsubishi Electric Aircon team

Tri-Tech has been recognised as Mitsubishi Electric’s dealer of the year for south-east Queensland not once, not twice, but 11 times!

When you book a professional from Tri-Tech, you can rest easy knowing that your home, business or school is being looked after by an air conditioning team you can rely on to provide effective solutions, backed by decades of experience, quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

Mitsubishi air conditioning service and repair

Choose a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer!

If you’ve chosen Mitsubishi Electric for your air conditioning needs, you need a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer to carry out service and repairs.

Diamond Dealers are the cream of the crop when it comes to the service or repair of your Mitsubishi air conditioning unit. The black badge signifies that your air conditioning team:

  • Knows the Mitsubishi Electric range inside-out
  • Has completed a Mitsubishi Electric training and testing program
  • Possesses a high standard of theoretical knowledge and practical skills
  • Adheres to a code of professional conduct

As a Diamond Dealer, we’re uniquely qualified to install air conditioning systems from this respected brand. You can rest easy knowing that you comfort is being looked after by a genuine expert.

Tri-Tech is a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer!
  • Genuine spare parts and components
  • More accurate diagnoses of issues in your Mitsubishi Electric aircon
  • Superior workmanship and customer service
  • Solutions that work!

Our team of Diamond Dealers are official warranty agents for Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners.

In addition to one-off repairs, we also offer ongoing service contracts to commercial clients, allowing you to enjoy immediate service if you need out-of-hours and emergency repairs.

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning upgrade or replacement

Is your current Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner starting to show its age? Do you own an old air conditioning system that’s in desperate need of a replacement? Call Tri-Tech for great service and price on your new split system or ducted system.

Our mission is to ensure your comfort in the home and in the workplace. For properties that are relying on an old, clapped-out air conditioner, Tri-Tech can come in and replace it altogether with a powerful, modern system from Mitsubishi Electric Aircon range.

We can also upgrade your current Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner: our mobile tech team offers add-ons that can be integrated into your air conditioner. One brand we work with is MyAir, which allows you to control multiple air conditioners from your smartphone, all while enjoying an unmatched level of control.

Let Tri-Tech Air Conditioning Services provide you with an obligation-free proposal to install a Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning system in your home or business. Simply call 3394 0222 or fill in the Quote Request form and we’ll respond quickly.

Mitsubishi Electric Commercial Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric commercial air conditioners are world-leaders in reliability, quietness and energy efficiency, and proven performance in the tough Australian environment.

City Multi Series VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) is Mitsubishi Electric’s answer to energy efficient, large-scale air conditioning applications such as shopping centres, apartments, hotels, motels and commercial sites. The City Multi R2 & WR2 Series feature 2-pipe technology, providing simultaneous heating and cooling.

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Let Tri-Tech Air Conditioning Services provide you with an obligation-free proposal to install a Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning system in your home or business. Simply call 3394 0222 or fill in the Quote Request form and we’ll respond quickly.