Air Conditioner Installation Brisbane

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Air conditioner installation near me: Enjoy a cool home or office environment with aircon installation in Brisbane

  • Energy efficient and cost effective air conditioning installation across Brisbane
  • Friendly and experienced air conditioner installation mobile tech team
  • Keep your customers, employees, guests, and visitors comfortable
  • Add value to your home with air conditioner installation in Brisbane
  • Improve concentration and boost morale in your office or workplace
  • All-in-one air conditioning installation solution: we can install, service, and maintain your system
  • We choose the world’s most reliable and trusted air conditioning brands
Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane
Tri the best for air conditioning installation in Brisbane: get a quote!

Residential and commercial air conditioning installation Brisbane

Tri-Tech’s air conditioning installers have designed and installed effective cooling systems across greater Brisbane for more than 30 years.

Our team understands that no two buildings are alike, and we work closely with you to devise a totally customised system that best suits your requirements.

Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane - System Design The right design underpins the entire process

The right solution begins with the right design!

Strategic design and planning helps us create the optimum cooling system, making us the go-to “air conditioners installers near me”. The right design ensures that you receive the most cost- and energy-efficient system possible.

This means finding a “Goldilocks” solution – that is to say, a system that’s neither under- or over-powered, as this can lead to higher energy bills or poor and inefficient climate control.

High Standard Air Conditioning Installation in Brisbane High quality workmanship

After assessing, planning, and designing your system comes the aircon installation itself. Our expert air conditioning technicians will complete your project effectively and efficiently.

The quality of your workmanship directly impacts the lifespan of your system and performance. What’s more, it also affects whether your warranty is upheld should you require unexpected repairs in the future.

For high-quality, efficient, and reliable air conditioning installation in Brisbane, choose Tri-Tech!

Ongoing Service After air conditioning installation in Brisbane Ongoing service
for complete comfort

Now it’s time for you to relax and enjoy your new space in climate-controlled comfort!

Tri-Tech is immensely proud of its after-sales support. Our commitment to excellence and our dedication to you extends long after your unit and system are installed. We offer you expert knowledge and support for the lifetime of your system (and beyond!)

Furthermore, should you ever need us for after-sales warranties or general service and repairs, we are just a phone call away.

Aircon installation Brisbane

It’s estimated that Australians spend up to 90% of their time indoors.

On the surface, that number may seem exorbitant. Between time spent at work and home however, it becomes a little more believable!

That’s why it’s so important that the air surrounding us is clean, safe, and ensures our comfort during our day-to-day lives.

Tri-Tech’s air conditioner installers in Brisbane are pleased to install and service any type of air conditioning systems for commercial and domestic properties alike.

Why choose us
Ducted air conditioner installation Brisbane

Ducted aircon installation is a popular climate control solution for a number of reasons. Unlike split system cooling, ducted systems are sleek, unobtrusive, and discreet.

Furthermore, they’re considerably more flexible: ducts can be installed in the floor or in the ceiling, making them suitable for all kinds of properties and builds. While ideally ducted system installation should occur during a new build, our team has plentiful experience integrating ducted cooling into existing homes.

Our team can do much more than install ducted cooling, however – if requested, we can also integrate clever zoning into your ducted system.

By installing gates in your ducting system, we can help you manage the airflow (and therefore temperature) in individual rooms of a home or divisions of a business. In addition to providing superior comfort, it can also make your system considerably more energy efficient.

Engage us early if you’re considering a ducted system for your next project!

Find out more about ducted air conditioning installation
Air conditioning installation brands

As Daikin aircon installers brisbane specialists (and official warranty agents!) we are intimately familiar with their types of systems, advanced technology, and clever add-ons.

We’ll design and install an effective system best suited to your home or commercial property – and your unique needs. You can rely on Tri-Tech for Daikin aircon installation services!

Mitsubishi Electric

When you need Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning installation in Brisbane, there’s only one name you need to know: Tri-Tech!

We’re not only Diamond Dealers, but we’re also the very proud recipients of Mitsubishi Electric’s Southeast Queensland Dealer of the Year – 10 times in a row!


This sleek, advanced technology from Advantage Air gives you precise control of your air conditioning. Enjoy customised comfort with clever features that provide the ultimate in climate control.

MyAir Zone Control ensures only the rooms you’re actually using get fresh, cool air – helping to optimise your system and reduce your energy bills!

Why choose Tri-Tech’s skilled air conditioning installers in Brisbane?

Quality installation: get it right the first time

The complexity of air conditioning installation warrants the involvement of a seasoned expert. Our team is well-versed in all facets of air conditioning installation, ensuring that the job is executed correctly on the first attempt. This eliminates the risks associated with improper installation, giving you peace of mind.

Enhanced safety

One of the foremost reasons to engage our professional team of air conditioning installers in Brisbane is to ensure safety. Our certified professionals have the extensive experience and skill set required to install your air conditioning system to the highest safety standards.

Cost and time efficiency: a smart investment for long-term comfort

Attempting a DIY installation could result in an extensive and time-consuming process. Any errors could not only prolong the project but also result in costly repairs. By choosing our professional air conditioning installation services from the outset, you save both time and money. Our efficient and timely service allows you to resume your everyday activities, while enjoying the comfort of your newly air-conditioned home or business.

Commercial vs. residential air conditioning installation Brisbane

While there are many similarities, the end-goal is the same: to deliver a cool, comfortable space. That said, there are several conditions that illustrate the difference between commercial and residential aircon installation.

They include:

  • Space

    Generally speaking, commercial spaces are normally wider, more open, and larger. As such, commercial AC systems are more complicated, extensive, and powerful.

    Ergo, a more capable system is often required – one that Tri-Tech can provide.

  • Power

    Commercial air conditioning systems must provide comfort for more people and cover a larger space.

    However, all of this requires more power, and can result in more complicated systems that require more meticulous system design.

  • Zoning

    While both commercial and residential installations can benefit from clever zoning, commercial spaces benefit more due to their larger size and power consumption.

    What’s more certain areas like server rooms may require a specific temperature or constant air conditioning.

  • Outdoor unit location

    Typically, it’s more practical for larger commercial buildings to house their external units on the roof. This allows businesses to take advantage of unused space, and due to the larger nature of the system, eliminates the issue of noise pollution.

    By contrast, residential units are usually placed next to or behind the building.

Air conditioning installation Brisbane

Want to find out more about air conditioning installation from Brisbane’s experts? Get in touch with the team at Tri-Tech today.

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We’ve had two split air con systems installed and also our ageing Queenslander electrical system brought up to date, have always been happy with the service.

We found out about them from a friend who recommended them to us & I’d recommend them to others.

Liz Minchin

We engaged Tri-Tech Air Conditioning to install two new Fujitsu split systems. The service was fantastic!

The installers arrived at exactly the promised time, were polite, friendly and helpful. They completed the job in under the stated time and what’s more, they did such a good cleanup job you would never have known they had been here.

James Yuille