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Daikin air conditioning services

Don’t settle for less – when your Daikin air conditioner fails, Tri the best!

Operating since 1989, Tri-Tech is Brisbane’s premier team for Daikin air conditioning services in Brisbane and South-East Queensland.

We provide a wide range of Daikin air conditioning services, including:

  • System design and installation
  • Service and repairs
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Air conditioning upgrades
daikin air conditioning brisbane

It doesn’t matter what the job is – if it involves the Daikin logo in any way, shape, or form, our experienced tech team can help!

Tri the best – call Tri-Tech today!
Aircon Warranty Agents

Daikin Repairs Brisbane

Years of constant usage can take a toll on your Daikin air conditioning system.

You may experience on of several common problems, including:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Sensor problems
  • Compressor and fan problems
  • General wear-and-tear

When these problems arise, they can lead to your comfort being negatively impacted. As such, timely air conditioning repairs are crucial.

As air conditioning specialists, the Tri-Tech team has seen it all: we work with all sorts of air conditioning systems, so if you’re hot, give us a call!

With a growing team of tech experts always on the road, we can come by for an inspection, and in many cases, can provide an on-the-spot fix that restores your comfort.

And when it comes to Daikin air conditioning in particular, you’ll want to choose Tri-Tech!

Tri-Tech are Daikin Warranty agents

Air conditioning is a staple of modern homes and businesses. Naturally, you’ll want to make sure it receives only the very best in service and repairs.

Unlike other air conditioning teams, Tri-Tech are official Daikin warranty agents.

We’re uniquely qualified to look after your Daikin air conditioning system, whether it’s a small wall-mounted unit or a large industrial air conditioning system.

Why should you choose an official warranty agent for your service and repair needs?

We won’t break your warranty

Tri-Tech’s mobile tech team understand your Daikin air conditioning system inside-out.

Not only does this mean that we’re able to fix any problems and issues that arise, but we’re also able to do it without breaking your warranty.

High-quality, genuine parts

When servicing your Daikin air conditioning, we employ high-quality, genuine parts, components and accessories – no cheap replacement parts here!

As a result, we can ensure your Daikin system continues to deliver powerful, constant cooling for years to come.

In-depth knowledge

In order to qualify as a warranty agent, applicants need to demonstrate in-depth knowledge and experience with the entire Daikin range.

All of this directly translates to superior repairs and service – not all air conditioning teams can offer this!

Tri the best for Daikin air conditioning services in Brisbane

We’re very particular about who gets to join the Tri-Tech family. We only select team members who are fully qualified and highly-trained in all matters air conditioning.

Each member of our team holds the relevant refrigerant handling licenses and electrical licenses. Additionally, we require each team member to obtain a Blue Card and undergo a mandatory Police Check.

All of this ensures that when you call Tri-Tech, you’ll be serviced by a technician who:

  • Has great knowledge and experience in all aspects of air conditioning
  • Carries out their work safely and legally
  • Operates to the highest standards

We only work with reputable, reliable air conditioning brands (just like Daikin).

Combined with our workmanship and know-how, and it’s no wonder we’re Brisbane’s foremost air conditioning team!