Multi Split System Air Conditioner Brisbane

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Multi split air conditioning system

Independently control the temperature in specific rooms of your home or office with various indoor units operating from the one outdoor unit.

  • Great alternative for a ducted system if underfloor or roof space is limited
  • Flexible and easy to install for a variety of buildings
  • Enjoy independent climate control throughout multiple rooms

Characterised by flexibility, efficiency, and high performance, a multi split system is a great option for buildings that require specific climate control in multiple rooms.

Multi split air conditioning system Brisbane

Advantages of multi split systems

flexible multi split system Space saving and flexible

The basic principle of a multi split system is that multiple indoor units can connect and operate from a single outdoor unit.

Indoor units are flexible to install so they are ideal for small residential and commercial applications that may have limited floor or ceiling room for a traditional ducted system. Units can be wall-mounted, ceiling cassettes, or bulkhead models.

multi split system Brisbane Independent climate control

Through a multi-split system, each room’s temperature is independently managed.

This means you can keep high-traffic areas like the family room cool, while other unoccupied rooms like a study or spare bedroom consume little no energy – until you need it, of course.

Energy efficient multi split system Energy

Because you have complete control of the temperature in various rooms of the home, you’re reducing wasted air. attributes more than 30% of energy consumption to “duct loss” from a ducted system.

Multi split system installation from Tri Tech

Depending on the property’s specifications and your requirements, a multi-split system could be the ideal climate solution!

Tri-Tech’s team of air conditioning specialists will help you choose the right cooling solution for your home, business, office, or new build.

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