Interest-Free Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane

>Interest-free Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane
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Interest-free air conditioning installation Brisbane

Take advantage of Buy Now Pay Later Interest Free* Finance with Tri-Tech Air Conditioning and Electrical

Apply online! It’s really simple.


1. Apply

Apply online in minutes (you’ll need to be over 18, a permanent Australian resident, and earning over $25,000 full time)


2. Accept

Upon approval, you’ll receive an SMS with important information about your Skye account and a 4 digit code to accept.

3. Authorise

Visit our store and purchase what you want. To authorise the purchase, you’ll need to enter the 4 digit code SMSed to you.


4. Enjoy

Enjoy your air conditioning! You’ll receive a welcome pack with your card within 10 days and monthly statements showing the minimum payment and due date.

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*T&Cs apply

Air conditioning payment plan Brisbane

For Brisbane residents, air conditioning installation is a must – we all know how hot Brisbane can get during summer, after all.

We want to help ease the burden of air conditioning installation. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Skye Card to make air
conditioning installation easier than ever before.

Interest-free air conditioning installation with Tri-Tech

Tri-Tech is pleased to announce we’ve recently partnered up with Skye Card to offer Brisbane residents interest-free air conditioning installation.

In addition to using it as an ordinary credit card, eligible homeowners can also finance their upcoming air conditioning installation interest-free.

Once you receive your quote from us, bring it up with your installer or call our team. We’ll organise the rest for you so you can get back to enjoying a more comfortable, refreshing


What’s Skye Card?

The benefits of air conditioning installation, without the exorbitant interest rate – that’s what Skye Card is all about.

Offered by Mastercard, Skye Card works with participating retailers (such as Tri-Tech!) to empower buyers like you with interest-free purchases.

Think of Skye Card as a credit card, with one major difference: you don’t need to pay interest for a generous interest-free period*.

With a range of interest-free options available to you depending on your requirements, Skye Card offers a unique way to reduce the cost of your air conditioning installation, repairs or upgrades.

As a Skye Card partner, Tri-Tech can set you up with a solution that minimises (and can even completely eliminate) interest payments on your air conditioning.

*T&Cs apply


Interest-free air conditioning

All Skye Card payments made during the interest-free period are – you guessed it – interest-free. Successfully pay off your purchase during this period, and you’ll have paid zero interest on your air conditioning!

air conditioning payment plan brisbane

Flexible payment options

For larger purchases (such as air conditioning upgrades), Skye offers a range of plans to maximise the amount of interest-free payments you make, allowing you to choose a plan that matches your spending and ability to pay.

interest free air conditioning brisbane

Lengthy interest-free periods

Options include 9 month, 12 month and 15 month interest-free periods. There’s even the option of a long-term interest-free plan, which grants you an interest-free period of up to 5 years*

air conditioning monthly payment plan brisbane

Powerful security

In addition to a PIN, Skye Card comes packaged with a range of unique security features. One of which is MOTION CODE™, which automatically updates the CVV (the security number printed on the back of your card) every hour.

*T&Cs apply

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Interest-free air conditioning installation is just one of the things that sets Tri-Tech Air Conditioning apart from the crowd.

The other big thing is our experience, skill, and workmanship.

We also work hard to ensure that you receive the perfect amount of cooling for your home with detailed system design that takes all contributing elements into consideration.

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