Air Conditioning Cannon Hill

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Air conditioning Cannon Hill

This ever-growing suburb is filled with a variety of homes, apartments, townhouses, offices, and shops.

Located the next suburb over from our base-of-operations in Morningside, Cannon Hill is strikingly similar:

  • Close to the Brisbane CBD
  • Great access to essentials like schools
  • Great location for shops and restaurants
  • Parks and greenery for young families
air conditioning cannon hill

Is it any surprise that the average house prices in this suburb are consistently above the Brisbane average?

Tri-Tech is proud to offer its expert air conditioning services to home and business owners in Cannon Hill. Whether you need new air conditioner installation, a warranty service or replacement, give our tech team a call today!

Call an air conditioning expert in Cannon Hill today!

Air conditioning installation Cannon Hill

Tri-Tech keeps your home, business or facility cool year-round

Tri-Tech has successfully provided air conditioning solutions for customers of all sorts. We’ve provided air conditioning solutions for:

  • Private homes big and small
  • Office buildings
  • Retail spaces
  • Schools and hospitals
  • Industrial buildings
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • And many more!

Each job has its own unique air conditioning Brisbane requirements. For instance, a factory needs much more powerful air conditioning coverage than a small restaurant or studio apartment!

Tri-Tech is an expert at finding the perfect air conditioning solutions for your property, taking into consideration:

  • Your cooling requirements
  • The size of your property
  • Orientation, windows, and natural light
  • Your building’s insulation
  • The intended use of particular areas

From there, we can work on choosing an air conditioning system that ensures the perfect balance of coverage, power, and price.

Air conditioning service and repairs Cannon Hill

Chose the Tri-Tech team for air conditioning service in Cannon Hill

Tri-Tech are official warranty agents for some of your favourite air conditioning brands such as Daikin Brisbane and Mitsubishi Electric Aircon.

Our experienced technicians respond to all manner of warranty callouts including breakdowns and operational faults.

Our mobile tech-team don’t just fix air conditioning in Cannon Hill.

We operate throughout the Brisbane area, meaning fixes to your air conditioning woes are never far away – give us a call on (07) 3394 0222 to find out why we’re Brisbane’s leading air conditioning team!

Tri-Tech Air Conditioning Brisbane

Whether you want to replace your outdated system with modern splits, or need ducted air conditioning Brisbane for a new build,
Tri-Tech are the team to call for air conditioning installation, service, and repairs anywhere in Brisbane.

Every day, our skilled mobile tech team are moving all across Brisbane and its surrounds, from Caloundra to Southport.

Too hot? Don’t sweat it – Tri-Tech it!