Commercial Air Conditioning Brisbane

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Commercial air conditioning

Commercial air conditioning since 1989

Functional, effective commercial air conditioning results in happy and productive employees, attentive teachers and students in schools, happy visitors in hospitality and happy customers in service environments.

The challenge to perfect commercial air conditioning is to create an environment that works for everyone on the premises. System design means considering which direction the windows face; southerly facing rooms require warmer winter temperatures and northerly or westerly facing areas require cooler summer temperatures.

Commercial Air Conditioning Brisbane

Air conditioning for businesses in Brisbane

The requirements within a commercial kitchen differ from those within the restaurant they serve. Hotel rooms need to be individually controlled as every guest has different requirements.

Are the rooms expansive and open with lots of external glass, or are they small, enclosed work or study environments?

Where does the plant go and how is it accessed for service? How do the ducts run through existing ceilings? These are the everyday issues the professional estimators and designers at Tri-Tech take into consideration when designing and pricing your commercial air conditioning system.

And if you need assistance, please ask: we’re happy to help.

Tri-Tech Air Conditioning and Electrical also undertake to fully manage and maintain your commercial air conditioning, meaning you can expect many years of reliable operation and a consistently comfortable environment.

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