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Air conditioning systems

Air conditioning systems of all sizes and types for your Brisbane home or business.

“What type?”

That’s often the first question that crosses a person’s mind when considering a new air conditioning system for their home or business.

In many cases, deciding which system to install is a question of costs versus benefits. In others, it’s a matter of choosing a system designed to fulfil your needs. In either case, you don’t pay for the wrong system!

Looking to install an air conditioning system for your home, office, or other type of commercial setting, but not sure where to start?

Air conditioning systems Brisbane

Let Tri-Tech’s team help you understand the benefits of a variety of systems, and which one is most suitable for your specific needs. Explore some of the most popular systems below.

Ducted systems

Keep the whole family cool (or warm) with a fully ducted system.

If you’re looking to cool your entire home or any other large space, ducted air conditioning is an ideal solution.

  • Provides great cooling coverage
  • Discreet – no wall-mounted units
  • Offer centralised control (Wifi options available)
  • Ensures consistent temperature throughout the house

And for businesses with multiple zones in one area or one large open space, a ducted system delivers a comfortable balanced air flow and efficient solution, all from a single control point.

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Split systems

Stay cool in summer and warm in winter with your choice of high quality wall hung split air conditioning systems.

Tri-Tech offers sales & installation, as well as maintenance and repair services for some of Australia’s most trusted split systems.

Wall mounted split systems are systems that provide cooling or heating to a single room or area, allowing for complete temperature control in each individual room.

  • Inverter, reverse cycle technology
  • Cost effective to install and run
  • Can be installed in a just a few hours!
  • Easy to maintain
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Multi split systems

Multi split systems allow more than one indoor unit to run on a single outdoor unit.

A selection of indoor unit types ensure cool and comfortable air can be effectively mixed through a home or office space.

A combination of ceiling cassette, wall-hung, or bulkhead units can fill a variety of rooms throughout your home.

Though they all run on the same outdoor unit, temperature can be independently controlled within each room.

Multi split systems are a great alternative to ducted systems.

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Reverse cycle technology

These days, you’d be challenged to find any type of air conditioning unit that is not equipped with reverse cycle technology.

Reverse cycle systems are an ideal solution for families and businesses looking for an all-in-one temperature solution.

Combining both cooling and heating functionality, reverse cycle systems allow you to experience cooler summers and warmer winters, all from the same unit, whether that’s a ducted, split, or multi-split system.

Reverse cycle technology offers:

  • Convenience
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Year-round comfort
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