The importance of system design for air conditioning installation in Brisbane

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Brisbane can get hot in summer, and no business is immune!

Unlike domestic air conditioning installation or air conditioning for offices, many other businesses have unique air conditioning requirements. In many commercial settings, you can’t just bolt a split system to the wall; no – commercial air conditioning installation requires a unique approach to system design.

Today, we’ll be sharing some of those unique factors, and how they impact the end result.


But first, what is system design?

Simply put, system design is the art of creating tailored air conditioning solutions. It’s all about creating systems that provide you the perfect amount of cool air for your purposes.

Commercial air conditioning installation in Brisbane requires system design that considers and balances factors such as:

  • Room volume
  • Window size, orientation, and location
  • Insulation
  • Energy consumption
  • Installation time and costs

Each of these factors is important, and directly affects the air conditioning system that is selected.

For example, a bigger room takes longer to cool, necessitating a more powerful system.

Air conditioning system design for commercial properties

System design for commercial air conditioning installation isn’t as simple as it is for domestic jobs.

In addition to the same considerations homeowners need to think about, many businesses also have unique cooling requirements.

While these considerations can make commercial air conditioning installation more challenging than domestic, they need to be catered for if your business is to thrive.


Commercial air conditioning installation for warehouses

  • Unique problems: volume and dust
  • Potential complications: cleaning and installation

Air conditioning is essential for warehousing businesses.

The problem is that warehouses are huge, with plenty of large open spaces. They also tend to get extremely dusty.

Both of these require special consideration.

Let’s start with the space issue.

This necessitates much larger air conditioners than most other commercial properties. Space that large needs a powerful commercial air conditioning system to keep everything at a comfortable level.

And then, there’s the matter of dust.

Any air conditioning system installed in a warehouse should come with quality filters to stop your system from clogging up.

This ensures continued cooling and helps you avoid a hefty repair bill.

Finally, you can’t forget the matter of installation. Unlike offices or homes, most warehouses don’t have traditional ceilings – therefore, air conditioning ducts need special mounts and vents.

Your air conditioning installation experts can create the right system design and installation plan for your unique space.

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Commercial air conditioning installation for healthcare facilities

  • Unique problems: air quality and filtering
  • Potential complications: control, cleaning, air conditioner size

Many health conditions can be aggravated by poor-quality air. In addition to dust and debris, there’s also the spectre of airborne bacteria that can enter patents’ systems.

For healthcare facilities – especially hospitals and GP clinics that require a sterile environment – this simply won’t do!

While most air conditioners come with in-built filters to ensure that cool air is free of airborne pollutants and debris, healthcare facilities need extra-powerful filtering.

While the local dentist or GP’s office can make do with a handful of split systems, a hospital or care facility can’t. Just think of all the rooms in your typical hospital – then remember that different rooms have different temperature requirements:

  • Individual patients have different hot/cold tolerances
  • For health reasons, operating rooms require specific temperature and humidity levels
  • Wards for elective procedures may not have as stringent air requirements

As such, healthcare facilities also need to think about air conditioning systems that combine coverage with control.

Finally, there’s the question of air conditioning cleaning and filter inspections. Talk to an air conditioning expert to find out how often your healthcare facility needs its air conditioning system checked.


Commercial air conditioning installation for factories

  • Unique problems: temperature, volume and filtering
  • Potential complications: installation

Cooling you down then the mercury outside climbs isn’t the only thing your air conditioning does – it also removes hot air from inside!

Factories can get extremely how depending on what you make. After all, you’ll have big powerful machines running non-stop – this generates heat.

And as many industrial properties feature with poor insulation to begin with, you have a recipe for unpleasantness.

Factories that generate a lot of dust and debris also need to take into account air conditioning filters. WIthout it, you create an uncomfortable working environment and run the risk of prematurely wearing-out your machinery.

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Choose Tri-Tech for commercial air conditioning installation

Ensuring your business receives optimal air conditioning is essential, not just for the comfort of your staff and clients, but in many cases also for continued operations.

Of course, commercial air conditioning also comes with some unique quirks!

To ensure your property receives the perfect air conditioning solutions, get in touch with Tri-Tech Air Conditioning today.

Operating since 1989, our team has provided air conditioning for commercial properties of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • … just to name a few!

In addition to installation, we also work with you at every stage of planning.

We look at the unique factors and complications that come with your commercial property and recommend air conditioning solutions that accommodate for these.

Give our mobile tech team a call today – ring us on (07) 3394 0222 to arrange a quote for your commercial air conditioning needs. Alternatively, fill in this form for a free quote!

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