Air Conditioning Upgrade and Replace Brisbane

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Air conditioning upgrade and replacement

Why consider upgrading or replacing your current air conditioning unit?

  • Newer models are quieter & more energy efficient, lightening the load on your wallet
  • Efficient Multi zone systems with the luxury of Wi-fi control
  • An old or poorly planned system could be ineffectively cooling your space
  • Modern air filtering systems allow you enjoy fresher and cleaner air
  • Enjoy greater airflow and more effective climate control in the home or office
Air conditioning upgrade and replace Brisbane

Are you facing these air conditioning issues?

Maybe it’s time to upgrade or replace your current AC unit!

These are some signs you should look out for the signal it might be time to upgrade, rather than waste further time and money on repairs.

Inconsistent temperature leaves you hot and uncomfortable

One of the earliest and most obvious signs is simply a unit that struggles to keep you cool when it’s hot!

As systems age, so too does their technology. And as components wear, you’ll find your unit struggling to perform the way it did 5, 10, or 15 years ago.

And often, that means a unit that fails to provide you with consistent heating or cooling.

Get comfortable again with air conditioning upgrade and replacement from Tri-Tech!

Weak air flow provides lacklustre results – should you upgrade?

You’ve got your system at its highest setting, but still, you’re hot, uncomfortable, and annoyed.

Weak air flow can often be the result of a blockage or component damage, which means repair is sometimes a viable solution.

However in conjunction with any of the other signs listed here, upgrade and replacement is likely your best bet.

We’ll look at all variables – including the age of your unit and its service history, to help you decide which solution is the most cost-effective.

You’ve noticed your electrical bills have soared – is your old A/C to blame?

An older or failing system usually starts to work harder, but simultaneously, provides a lacklustre result, leading to higher energy costs.

With newer models offering exceptional energy efficiency, upgrading your system will not only provide you with cooler air, but a reduction in energy bills, too!

If you can’t identify the reason behind rising bills, we urge you to consider the age, capability, and effectiveness of your current cooling system. Unsure? Got questions? Call us!

You’re getting your A/C repaired frequently – and it’s costing you too much to maintain!

Has your current system become more troublesome than it is useful?

Not only are frequent repairs disrupting its purpose, but you may be better off investing the repair money into a new system.

Ongoing problems and repairs are one of the most obvious signs that your current unit is not fulfilling its duty, and should be upgraded to a newer and more efficient system.

Considering upgrading your current system? Organise an on-site inspection from our mobile tech team!

Why upgrade and replace?

  • New technology

Technology is incredible… and it sure moves fast! What was once leading-edge has become cumbersome and outdated as the years go by.

The same goes for your air conditioning unit. If your system is more than 10 or 15 years old, you’ve certainly gotten your money’s worth! However, there’s merit in considering an upgrade to take advantage of the latest technology.

  • More efficient systems

Older units often lose their touch over time, meaning they have to work even harder for lacklustre results.

When you upgrade and replace your old system with a newer one, you’re not only enjoying cooler air, but a more efficient system that’s kinder to your wallet!

  • Enjoy fresher air

Newer, advanced systems have technology in place to better facilitate air flow throughout a home or business, ensuring the air you, your family, guests, employees, and visitors breathe is clean, fresh, and cool.

Advanced filtration systems also help remove dust, pollen, dander, and other common allergens from the air, creating a fresh and comfortable indoor environment. They can also remove excess moisture which helps to prevent the growth of mould indoors.

  • Precise climate control

An example of new technology we touched on above, precise climate control and zoning throughout different rooms or areas of your building can help you create a comfortable setting that accommodates all.

Precise climate control also ensures you don’t overuse your unit, helping you manage energy usage.

  • Enjoy the silence

Older models become cumbersome, ineffective, and noisy!

Particularly important in a corporate or office environment, an upgraded system can eliminate the problem of noise pollution, ensuring a clean, comfortable, and quiet space.

Should you upgrade and replace your current unit, or simply get it repaired?

Upgrade or repair?

It’s the age-old question that plagues almost all of us in regards to at least one item, appliance, or tool in the home or office.

The main consideration to make is based around value:

  • Is it worth getting an older unit repaired in order to stretch out its lifespan even further?
  • Or is an old, outdated system going to cost you more in repairs in the long run – and would your money be better spent invested into a new system?

Call Brisbane’s air conditioning experts!

If you’re unsure whether your current system can be salvaged or whether you’re better off preparing for summer now with a brand-new system, get in touch with the experts at Tri-Tech.

For nearly three decades, our team has been delivering heating and cooling solutions to all types of homes, businesses, and builds across Brisbane. We’ll take a close look at your unit, its performance, and any service history you might have to determine which option will offer you the best long-term value.

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