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Air conditioning upgrade and replacement

Why consider upgrading or replacing your current air conditioning unit?

  • Newer models are quieter & more energy efficient, lightening the load on your wallet
  • Efficient Multi zone systems with the luxury of Wi-fi control
  • An old or poorly planned system could be ineffectively cooling your space
  • Modern air filtering systems allow you enjoy fresher and cleaner air
  • Enjoy greater airflow and more effective climate control in the home or office
Air conditioning upgrade and replace Brisbane

Upgrade or replace

Should you upgrade and replace your current unit, or simply get it repaired?

These are some signs you should look out for the signal it might be time to upgrade, rather than waste further time and money on repairs.


One of the earliest and most obvious signs is simply a unit that struggles to keep you cool when it’s hot!

Get comfortable again with air conditioning upgrade and replacement from Tri-Tech.

Weak air flow provides lacklustre results

Weak air flow can often be the result of a blockage or component damage, which means repair is sometimes a viable solution.

However in conjunction with any of the other signs listed here, upgrade and replacement is likely your best bet.

You’ve noticed your electrical bills have soared

An older or failing system usually starts to work harder but provides a lacklustre result, leading to higher energy costs.

If you can’t identify the reason behind rising energy bills, we urge you to consider the age, capability, and effectiveness of your current cooling system and call us in.

Air conditioning Replacement Brisbane

You’re getting your A/C repaired frequently

Has your current system become more troublesome than useful? Not only are frequent repairs disrupting its purpose, but you may be better off investing the repair money into a new system.

Ongoing problems and repairs are one of the most obvious signs that your current unit is not fulfilling its duty, and should be upgraded to a newer and more efficient system.

Considering upgrading your current system? Organise an on-site inspection from our mobile tech team!