Brisbane AC Experts Breaks Down: Air Conditioning Repair or Replace?

  • Air conditioning repair

So the worst has happened: your trusty air conditioning system has gone kaputt, leaving you without the benefit of air conditioning.

Fortunately, it’s the middle of winter, so it’s not as bad as it could be.

Unfortunately, you’ll still have to make a choice (and if you’re smart, you’ll do it now, before the pre-summer rush begins!)

  • Should you get your air conditioning system repaired?
  • Or should you cut your losses and replace it altogether?

It’s a tough question, and one that many people grapple with. A lot of different factors come into play – fortunately, you’ve got Brisbane’s most awarded air conditioning specialists on your side!

Tri-Tech is here to walk you through some important considerations that will help you make the right call when it comes to choosing between air conditioning repair or replacement.

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An older air conditioner will be harder to repair

Most of us don’t drive our very first cars anymore… and with very good reason!

So why should your air conditioning be any different?

Like any other piece of machinery, age directly correlates with how likely it is to break and how much a repair will cost. While repair might be cheaper than a new unit, an old machine is more prone to frequent failures.

And frequent failures means more frequent repairs.

If you want to avoid the financial equivalent of death by a thousand cuts, you might be better served by just getting a completely new air conditioning system installed!

But how are you supposed to tell whether you should cut your losses?

Here’s a handy rule of thumb that many air conditioning specialists recommend using: multiply the age of your system by the repair cost. If the result comes in under $5000, then you should be OK to go for a repair.

If not, you might want to cut your losses and opt for a more modern, high-tech, and efficient air conditioning system.

Choose an energy efficient cooling system

When many of us think about the costs that go into repairing or replacing an air conditioning unit, most only think about up-front costs.

However, that’s not the only way money comes into the equation.

Modern air conditioners blow older systems out of the water when it comes to energy efficiency. Just look at how energy rating labels have gone up over the last couple of years from 6-stars to 10!

Air conditioners are no different.

While a new system might cost you more upfront, advances in air conditioning technology mean a new system can be considerably cheaper in the long-run than an old one.

We’re not even talking about old fashioned window rattlers, either – even split systems from a handful of years ago can consume considerably more power! Unsure how much power your system uses? You can use the Government’s handy online calculator to compare your existing system to others on the market.

Does your air conditioner use R22?

We know what you’re thinking: “R22? What’s that?”

Despite the name, it’s not a new Star Wars character! Rather, R22 is a refrigerant used in many air conditioning systems – in particular, ducted cooling systems.

Many systems use refrigerated gas to achieve cooling. This refrigerant sucks the heat out of indoor air… or into it (in heating mode). R22 is one of the more popular choices for this.

There’s a problem, however: R22 is being phased out by the Australian government, with imports slowly being cut off over the coming years.

That means purchasing new refrigerant is only going to become more expensive as supply decreases. If your air conditioner still relies on this particular coolant, it might be worth thinking about an upgrade!

You can check what type of coolant your system uses by checking the sticker on the outdoor unit.

Air conditioning replacement

Size matters – is your AC system big enough (or too small) for your home?

One of the first signs that you need to do something about your air conditioning system is when it fails to keep up with your air conditioning needs.

Sometimes, this is a sign that it’s time for a repair.

In other cases however, it could be that your air condition just isn’t right for your home!

  • Your home might have too few systems
  • You might have a weaker system
  • Your air conditioner might be from a no-name brand

It cuts the other way too – an air conditioner that’s too big can struggle to properly dehumidify your home. Not to mention, big systems means more moving parts, which in turn means more points of failure.

More often than not, this results in air conditioners that are simply not cut out for the jobs being asked of them!

If your air conditioner isn’t right for the room or building it came with, your only option might be to get a new air conditioning system installed. And this time, one that’s perfectly sized for your rooms and home.

Still deciding between air conditioning repair or replacement?

Let Tri-Tech help you out!

In truth, there’s no one size fits all answer to the question of whether you should stick with an old system or invest in a new one.

In most cases, it all comes down to a range of factors… and not just the ones we’ve covered here!

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