How can I make my air conditioning more efficient?

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It’s important to stay cool during the summer months – however, it’s also important that you take efforts to bring down your electricity usage as well!

During summer, both of these goals come together with your air conditioning in Brisbane.

As we all know, air conditioning is the key to maintaining a comfortable home during the warmer months. However, it’s also one of the most power-hungry appliances on your property – it should go without saying that this poses a bit of a clash!

Luckily, there are ways to make your air conditioning more efficient, allowing you to stay cool and save power at the same time…

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What is the most energy efficient way to run air conditioning?

Today’s air conditioning systems are getting more and more efficient, meaning that this is becoming less of an issue with each passing day.

Of course, not all air conditioning systems in Brisbane are brand-new – many are older A/Cs that don’t have the new energy-efficient features that are now standard on newer systems.

For people like this, we’ve put together a list of different tips and tricks that you can use to squeeze the most out of your air conditioning, without squeezing your wallet.

Book an air conditioning clean so you can enjoy clean, cool air!

Wonder why your air conditioner only ever seems to put out a tiny, pathetic breeze instead of showering you in gloriously cool air?

It could indeed be a mechanical issue with your system – more likely however, the issue is that your system is dirty.

Dust, debris and more can clog your air conditioner’s filters. Not only does this end up in your aircon blowing all of these particles into your home, but it also blocks the even flow of cool air.

The result? Your system takes longer to cool your home down, and burns more power in the process.

Cleaning these filters is a simple task you can do on your own – however, it can have a huge impact on your air conditioning system’s performance.

If you want to make your aircon more efficient, this is a great place to start. To book air conditioning services in Brisbane, contact us now.

How do I make my air conditioner use less electricity?

Beyond an air conditioning clean, there are some things you can do yourself in order to reduce electricity use without compromising comfort.

8 ways you can make your air conditioner use less electricity:

  1. Setting your thermostat just 1-2 degrees higher
  2. Ensuring your thermostat is accurate and correctly positioned
  3. Closing your curtains whenever possible
  4. Get to know fan mode
  5. Leave windows open at night
  6. Explore the advantages of zoning
  7. Think about how and when you use appliances
  8. Understand the impact of humidity

We break down each of these below.

1) Set the thermostat a little bit higher

This is a small but impactful change that can have a serious impact on your energy usage!

If you’re used to a certain temperature, we suggest moving your thermostat just one degree higher. Chances are, you won’t even notice the difference. We promise it’s not counterintuitive; this small trick can save you money during the warmer months when we are heavily relying on our air conditioning.

Another good idea is to change the temperature throughout the day, depending on what you’re doing. For instance, if you’re having a relaxing, chilled afternoon at home, you might be able to set the thermostat one or two degrees higher.

If you then plan on welcoming guests over and cooking food, now might be the time to set the temperature a little cooler, to ensure everyone can remain comfortable.

2) Make sure your thermostat is accurate

Your thermostat is responsible for regulating the temperature in your home, taking measurements and adjusting your air conditioning system accordingly so that everything stays comfortable.

If your thermostat is faulty or positioned incorrectly (for example, near an appliance that generates heat), it could be reading the temperature inaccurately, causing your air conditioning to work harder than it needs to. 

However, in most cases, your thermostat is built into your system or placed in an optimal position to reduce the risk of this happening.

3) Keep the curtains closed

The best way to keep your home cool? Stop the heat from getting in in the first place!

One way of doing that is with your curtains – according to some studies, certain colours and materials can reduce temperature gain by up to 33% compared to no curtains.

Really, that’s all there is to it!

… alright, so maybe it isn’t quite that simple. It’ll depend on your curtain:

  • Colour – white performs best
  • Material – certain materials reflect more
  • Distance – the closer to the glass, the better

Even if your curtains aren’t ideal, it’s still better than nothing!

4) Don’t be afraid to set it to fan mode

Ever had an experience where it’s stifling inside but a full 10ºC (or more) cooler outside?

In situations like this, there’s no reason not to use mother nature’s very own in-built cooling system to ease the strain on your aircon (and on your power bill).

Opening the windows can reduce your aircon usage – if you want to speed it up, you can even set your air conditioner to “fan” mode to cycle outside air into your home.

While it still does use up energy, it uses a lot less than setting your A/C to cooling mode!

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5) Leave the windows open overnight

Even during summer, the temperature tends to drop overnight – why not use this as an opportunity to lessen the load on your air conditioning system by using the cooler air outside to cool down your home?

This tactic can save you from having to leave the air conditioning on overnight – of course, it only works if the outside temperature is lower than the indoor temperature!

Be sure to keep close tabs on how high the outdoor temperature is relative to your indoor temperature throughout the day.

The moment outdoor heat drops below indoor temperature, turn off your air conditioner and let the outdoor temperature do the rest of the work.

6) Use zoning to your advantage

Do you have a ducted air conditioning system with zoning?

Zoning is one of your secret weapons when it comes to bringing down your power use. If there’s an area of the house that isn’t occupied at the moment, then don’t bother cooling it. Simple as that!

Multiple zones give you the flexibility to only use the bare minimum amount of cooling to stay comfortable, helping you to bring down your power bill.

You can even create your very own impromptu zoning by closing the doors to any rooms that aren’t being used (and which don’t have their own ducts).

7) Be strategic with appliance usage

Many appliances are surprisingly energy-hungry – not only can they drive up your power bill on their own, but in many cases, they can also raise the temperature inside your home, forcing your air conditioner to work overtime to keep up.

Minimise the use of these appliances to bring down the amount of money you spend on cooling – and to bring down your power bill overall.

8) Focus on humidity

Sometimes, it isn’t the temperature itself that’s making you so uncomfortable – it could just be the humidity having its effect.

Most reverse cycle air conditioners have a dehumidifying effect – click here to learn how that works, and how humidity affects comfort.

However, some come with a dedicated dehumidification option that does the trick much more effectively, not to mention more efficiently as well.

If yours is one of them, we suggest using it – a dry 25ºC feels a lot better than a humid 25ºC!

Is it time for a more efficient air conditioner?

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