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Air Conditioning North Brisbane

Live or work north of the river? Tri-Tech provides comprehensive air conditioning installation, repairs and services to all kinds of buildings and properties in North Brisbane.

While we may be based in the southside, the river doesn’t stop us from providing homes and businesses in North Brisbane with the very best air conditioning solutions and services.

Our team works in all of north Brisbane, including:

Whether you live in a heritage-listed house or work in an office, or are a builder in the early stages of a brand-new development, our team is the one to call for air conditioning in North Brisbane.

From new installation to upgrades, replacement, or services, Tri-Tech will do it all – give our team a call today!

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Air conditioning installation Brisbane northside

Well-maintained, tree-lined streets, a balanced mix of the old and new, and close proximity to the CBD – no wonder residents of all ages call North Brisbane home!

The region also boasts many older properties.

This comes with a range of unique challenges.

For example, older homes were designed in a time before ducted air conditioning was common.

As a result, ducted air conditioning installation in Brisbane’s northside typically come with additional challenges:

  • Heritage restrictions
  • Insufficient ceiling space
  • Significant renovation work
  • Architectural features like raked ceilings
  • Roof mounting challenges

Our experienced team knows how to work around each of these issues, making us the team to choose for air conditioning installation in Brisbane’s northside.

We understand that each job has unique hurdles to overcome. That’s why our team spends so much time designing your system.

This allows us to accommodate for all of the unique factors that come with installing air conditioning in North Brisbane.

In addition to these factors, we’ll also work to ensure that your system provides you with adequate coverage and powerful cooling, without breaking the bank.

Air conditioning service and repairs Brisbane northside

Older houses often have older air conditioning systems. In many cases, these systems still have plenty of life left in them!

The secret to keeping these older systems in service? Regular air conditioning service and repairs.

In addition to installing air conditioning systems, our mobile tech team also provides air conditioning repairs in Brisbane’s northside.

Tri-Tech has worked with a wide range of air conditioning systems and brands, ranging from large state-of-the-art commercial systems found in office blocks, to the split system in your living room.

Failing to account for these variables can lead to an inefficient air conditioning system that fails to keep a space cool and comfortable.

We understand the intricacies of existing air conditioning systems, which allows us to perform a wide range of air conditioning repairs, service and maintenance, ranging from emergency fixes, to regassing old systems with greener refrigerants.

Is your air conditioner playing up? Need someone to fix it – now? Our team is only a phone call away – give us a ring on (07) 3394 0222 for immediate air conditioning repairs in Brisbane’s northside.

Tri-Tech Air Conditioning Brisbane

Whether you want to replace your outdated system with modern splits, or need ducted air conditioning for a new build,
Tri-Tech are the team to call for air conditioning installation, service, and repairs anywhere in Brisbane.

Every day, our skilled mobile tech team are moving all across Brisbane and its surrounds, from Caloundra to Southport.

Too hot? Don’t sweat it – Tri-Tech it!