Why does my air conditioning smell? We’ve got the answers!

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Unusual smells in your home can be a cause for worry and often they might be foreboding.

And air conditioning odours are no different.

If you don’t know where a smell is coming from in your home, you may want to take a closer look – or is that smell? – of your air conditioning to determine if it’s the source.

In many cases, it indeed is.

There are many different parts and chemicals that air conditioners contain that can lead to internal faults you might not see but can certainly smell.

If you’ve determined the source of the smell but can’t work out the cause, call us immediately.


Is a smelly air conditioner dangerous?

A smelly air conditioning can often be a matter of concern.

Especially when you have a large family or have many employees at the facility where your AC is.

It can be dangerous because there are various factors that can contribute to your odorous air conditioner depending on what exactly the smell is.

But if these stenches can get into your noise, then it means they can also get into your lungs.

It can also mean that there are issues with your air conditioning’s efficiency due to faulty parts or from clogged components.


Why does my air conditioner smell bad?

We break down the specific odours you could be smelling from your AC and the reasons behind them.

If none of these types of smells seem to relate to your concern, then contact Tri-Tech’s aircon servicing team in Brisbane to inspect and diagnose your AC problems.

Why does my air conditioner smell like dirty socks?

“Dirty sock syndrome” is a literal term used by air conditioner technicians to describe the smell of bacteria or fungi in your air conditioner.

This often happens when you turn your air conditioner on for the first time after not using it for a while and can also be created by dust and moisture build up.

If you experience this smell too often or if it becomes unbearable, you should contact Tri-Tech for air conditioning services in Murarrie and surrounds to assess the smell, so we can then suggest ways around it such as a reinstallation.

Bacterial particles and toxic substances emitted by bacteria, such as mycotoxins, can get into your lungs and cause respiratory diseases. So it’s important you take dirty sock syndrome seriously – as silly as the name suggests.

To prevent this smell, you should clean your filters thoroughly once a month, and more often in summer.

Why does my air conditioner smell like sewage?

Sometimes your air conditioner may stink of sewage if there is a broken pipe somewhere in your system.

Do not use your aircon if you experience this smell. You should also turn off the power for your air conditioner on your switchboard too.

The broken pipe can be in your ceiling, walls, or outside of your home, so if it’s the latter, you can check for yourself. But never crawl inside the walls and ceilings of your home, and let an air conditioning team do it for you instead.

If you smell sewage, don’t wait around – call an expert immediately!

Why does my air conditioner smell like eggs?

If you smell eggs or gas, turn your AC off, including at the switchboard, and evacuate the premises immediately.

This egg odour gets deliberately added to natural gas so that you know when there is a gas leak in your home or commercial property – so you might be accustomed to the smell as being just a “gas” smell.

This smell gets added because gas leaks can be extremely dangerous. An undetected gas leak once caused 294 deaths in the USA in the 1930s before this infamous smell was added.

They are dangerous not just to breathe in, but because it can also lead to a dangerous fire or explosion.

Why does my air conditioner smell like chemicals?

There are various reasons why your air conditioning might be giving off chemical odours.

Air conditioners can spread the smells of already existing items within its close proximity, so one obvious reason might be because you left an item near the AC which is blowing its molecular contents around your home. This can be very dangerous depending on the chemical being spread.

Glue, ozone, and other chemicals working in the AC can often cause a chemical type smell too if there is some sort of leak somewhere.

Freon is another such chemical that can make your air conditioner smell sweet or like air freshener.

Freon, also known as refrigerant, is used to absorb heat and transfer it outside of your home.

Freon can accidentally leak, especially from older HVAC systems where the coils and lines they are contained in can crack.

Freon is toxic when not contained, so call an air conditioner expert if you smell a chemical smell to assess and rectify the issue.

Why does my air conditioner smell like smoke?

There are several reasons why you might be experiencing a burning smell from you AC, such as:

  • An overheated motor
  • Your air conditioner is burning up dust particles
  • Electrical component failure
  • A wiring issue
  • A faulty circuit board

These faults can cause fires so you should stop using your system and call an expert if you find yourself in this situation.

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How do I get rid of the smell in my air conditioner?

Contact an air conditioning expert to eliminate nasty smells from your system

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