Which Daikin ducted air conditioning systems support Wi-Fi control?

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Wi-Fi control: the ability to control your comfort from anywhere with an internet connection.

Voice activation: speak your chosen words and watch as the system kicks into gear!

These are just some of the features our team can add to your air conditioning in Brisbane. And it’s all thanks to added extras like Daikin Wi-Fi Controller.

If you’re in the market for air conditioning, we can’t recommend Daikin ducted with Wi-Fi Controller installation more highly.

You get the coverage and power of Daikin ducted air conditioning with the flexibility, convenience and customisation of your smartphone!

But before you hop on the phone and start asking about upgrading your air conditioning however, there’s something you’ll need to find out first…

How does Daikin Wi-Fi work?

Daikin’s advanced technology allows you to control your ducted system from a compatible device, such as your smartphone or tablet.

If your air conditioning was manufactured in 2010 or beyond, it is compatible.

While all new-production Daikin air conditioning is compatible with Wi-Fi Controller, for it to work, you first need to get the appropriate adapter installed.

This adaptor receives wireless signals from your devices and runs them to your Daikin air conditioner via a long wire.

The detached nature of the system allows us to install the adaptor in a central location where it’ll be able to receive signals from anywhere in the house and avoid dead-spots.

Which adapter is appropriate for your system depends on whether your home is fitted with a Daikin ducted air conditioning or a split-system.

  • Daikin Airbase BRP15B61: ducted air conditioning systems
  • Daikin Wi-Fi Controller BRP072C42: for split-system air conditioners

The first thing you need to check if you’re keen to add this high-tech piece of kit to your Daikin air conditioning is whether or not it can accept the right adapter to begin with.

Luckily, when you look up an air conditioning system on the Daikin website (be it ducted or otherwise) it should tell you straight-up whether or not it’s compatible with Wi-Fi Controller.

Don’t have the time to do your research? Good news: we’ve got you covered!

Daikin ducted with Wi-Fi control

Daikin ducted with Wi-Fi Controller installation – what about older systems?

Since 2010, each Daikin ducted air conditioning system has had this functionality baked in, ready to be activated when you install the appropriate adapter.

Was your Daikin air conditioning system installed before 2010?

Don’t lose hope just yet – some systems manufactured since 2003 are also compatible with this new, high-tech control option, albeit with slightly altered features.

With Daikin ducted systems from this era, it can be a bit touch-and-go with which ones are compatible, as well as which features you’ll get to use.

Fortunately, our air conditioning team is here to help!

Just tell us what Daikin air conditioning system your home uses, and we’ll find out if it’s compatible, and which features you’ll be able to enjoy. Got a fault or aren’t sure about your specific system? Reach out to Tri-Tech for Daikin air conditioning repairs in Brisbane.

What about your devices?

It isn’t just your ducted air conditioning system that you’ll need to check for compatibility with Daikin Wi-Fi Controller – you’ll also need to check whether or not your device can support the Wi-Fi Controller App as well!

You know how your phone periodically informs you of a scheduled Android or iOS update? Or how your laptop will request that you restart to install the latest software updates?

These updates are crucial at improving the security of your device and improving functionality.

What you may not have known is that a lot of older devices stop receiving these updates after a while.

And unfortunately, this means that the app simply won’t work with certain devices.

Compatible devices include:

  • Android: Android 4.1 (Jellybean) and up
  • iOS: iOS 8.0 and up

If your Android device was made after 2012 or if your iOS device was made after 2014, you’re in the clear. If your devices were made before those cut offs however, you might have to upgrade to get the most out of your Wi-Fi Control.

Wi-Fi compatibility for Mitsubishi Electric and MyAir, too

While we’ve been focusing on Daikin’s take on this feature, they aren’t the only air conditioning brand that’s read the tea leaves and made moves towards increasing the flexibility of air conditioning.

Neither is Mitsubishi Electric either, for that matter!

Among our catalogue of air conditioning brands is one called MyAir.

MyAir is a product from air conditioning brand Advantage Air, offering a range of solutions designed to make people’s homes more comfortable.

One of these is their unique zoning system.

In addition to allowing you up to 10 different individually climate-controlled ducted air conditioning zones in your home, MyAir also lets you add Wi-Fi control to almost any ducted air conditioning system from all the major brands.

With versatile adaptors that are compatible with most leading air conditioning brands, our partnership with MyAir allows us to bring unbeatable flexibility to a range of ducted air conditioning systems and brands, and not just Daikin!

Your go-to team for air conditioning in Brisbane

Don’t sweat it – Tri-Tech it! Call Tri-Tech for Daikin installation in Brisbane

You can’t go wrong with a Daikin ducted air conditioner if you’re in the market for air conditioning installation Brisbane.

Our team are Daikin specialists and provide ducted air conditioners in Brisbane to any kind of dwelling, from homes and offices to schools, hospitals, factories, and more.

Not only are Daikin systems powerful and extremely efficient thanks to technology like VRV, but they also come with powerful extras, just like Daikin Ducted Wi-Fi Controller!

Not only are we familiar with Wi-Fi Controller and its installation process, but we can also tell you whether or not your system can support this revolution in air conditioning technology.

Whether you need installation, upgrades, or air conditioning repairs in Brisbane, or are keen to learn more about this powerful feature, Tri-Tech is your go-to team for all this air conditioning.

Keep your cool with Tri-Tech: give our team a call on (07) 3394 0222, or click here to request a FREE quote online!

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