What is a multi split air conditioner system?

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There are many different types of air conditioning systems. Some can also act as heaters, others can also help maintain humidity levels, while some systems can maintain different temperatures in different rooms – at the same time!

When looking at installing or upgrading your air conditioning system, you need to consider what features you want your air conditioning to have and importantly, your budget.

Purchasing air conditioning in Brisbane can be especially tedious on your own. But not when you have a little help from our aircon experts!

What is the difference between a single split and multi split aircon?

A single split system is when an air conditioner has one air outlet in one room, mounted on the wall with a corresponding outdoor air compressor.

On the other hand, a multi split air conditioner system contains, as the name suggests, multiple air outlet units in multiple rooms but still only one corresponding outdoor air compressor.

These units will be connected via refrigerant pipelines.

In both single and multi split air cons, the outlets are also connected to the outdoor compressor via refrigerant pipelines as well as condensate drain lines and power cables.

This is not to be confused with a third type of air conditioning – ducted air conditioning – which has multiple air outlets across multiple rooms, but are connected via large, complex, internal ducts.

With ducted air conditioning, however, there is only one manual control unit, which controls the temperature, therefore all rooms have the same temperature controlled from one unit or controller.

The air outlets in a ducted air con system will also be small, more subtle openings or vents in the wall, but with a multi split system, the outlets are a part of an entire unit in each room.

What is the advantage of a multi split air conditioner?

With multi split air conditioning systems, you have the advantage of having a control unit in different rooms, so you can adjust different temperatures in each room at the same time.

You don’t have to leave your room to control the temperature and you can adjust the temperature to your own personal preference, without having to ask every single family member if they are too cold or too hot.

Multi split systems are also more energy efficient than other types of air conditioning because of their one external air compressor.

This means also it’s more cost effective, saving you money in the long term!

Another advantage of multi split air conditioning is that you can have different unit sizes and different unit types for each room.

For larger rooms, like a lounge area, you can have a large high-powered unit, to more efficiently cool down this space.

How do I know what air con is right for me?

So now you’re wondering “what size split system do I need?

It really depends on how many rooms you have, how big they are, and how many rooms you think will need the system.

You also need to consider other air con features you may benefit from, such as motion sensors, Wi-Fi control, and air purifiers.

Speak to an air conditioning expert today about what size and type of air conditioning system you need if you’re considering upgrading or installing one in your home or workplace.

What other air conditioner types are out there?

So far, we’ve covered multi split and single split air conditioning as the two modern air conditioning systems that people generally will get installed today.

We also briefly covered ducted air conditioning, which can be more complex and sometimes outdated.

However, an even newer, emerging, air conditioning system is starting to get installed in more modern homes. This is zoned ducted air conditioning.

Ducted air conditioning seemed to be a thing in the past for a while, but recently they have made a comeback by modifying and competing with their split system counterparts.

They did this by creating a zoning system – hence the name of zoned ducted air conditioning – which is a new system in which you can change the temperature of each room from one single monitor or controller in the home.

This works via the ducts, which have mechanical valves, called dampers. These dampers essentially alter the intensity of the air coming through by opening and closing inside the ductwork.

So if you have a zoned, ducted Mitsubishi air conditioner for example, and you want an air flow temperature of 18ºC in your room. Your family in the living room, on the other hand, prefers a slightly milder 22ºC.

With a zoned system, you can control the individual temperature across multiple. That can even mean shutting off airflow to unused rooms, such as the study or formal dining room.


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How can I get air conditioning installed in my home?

Tri-Tech offers installation for all air conditioning types

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