Why choose a Diamond Dealer for Mitsubishi Electric split system installation?

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When it comes to air conditioning in Brisbane, choosing the type of system is just one of two important decisions – the other is to choose the right team to create your plan and carry out your installation!

If you’re in the market for Mitsubishi Electric split system installation, you’ll want an air conditioning team that specialises in Mitsubishi Electric split system air conditioners.

And that’s exactly what Tri-Tech Air Conditioning does!

We’re Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealers, after all – but what exactly does that mean, anyway?

A shining example of air conditioning expertise – why choose a Diamond Dealer for Mitsubishi Electric split system installation?

If you’re in the market for Mitsubishi Electric split system installation, it’s best to enlist the help of a specialist.

We know what you’re thinking – split system installation is quicker and more straightforward than something like ducted air conditioning. Surely, any air conditioning company in Brisbane should be able to perform the job?

Here’s the thing: while most air conditioning installers will be able to pull off your installation, you won’t be getting the best service unless you get in contact with a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer.

We know our stuff

One of the most important things Mitsubishi Electric looks at before bestowing the Diamond Dealer on any prospective air conditioning team?

Their experience and knowledge working with Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners. 

From split systems to ducted air conditioners, in order to be considered for the Diamond Dealer program, air conditioning companies need to prove that they know the Mitsubishi Electric product range inside-out.

In our case specifically, we’ve been working with Mitsubishi since the very beginning! Check our Mistubishi Aircon Installation Guide. Since we opened our doors for the first time over 30 years ago, Mitsubishi Electric has been a staple of our catalogue.

Name a system, and we’ve either installed, repaired or serviced it – usually, all three! Even voice-activated air conditioning!

Customer satisfaction is key for Diamond Dealers

We know that air conditioning installation isn’t the type of thing that you just get – rather, it’s something that involves considerable research and planning to get right.

That’s why we make it our priority to offer great customer service on top of a quality installation job. We will:

  • Tell you everything you need to know upfront
  • Help you plan your installation and provide suggestions
  • Walk you through the entire process

Prospective Diamond Dealers aren’t just graded on these parts of their service, either – we’re also selected based on our ability to perform system design.

Speaking of which…

You’ll get the perfect system, every time

Air conditioning system design is at the heart of every air conditioning installation in Brisbane that our team carries out, whether it’s for a wall-mounted split system or a ducted air conditioning system.

This is the big one, and is what separates Diamond Dealers from other air conditioning installers in Brisbane.

The system design process is all about choosing the perfect air conditioning system for your home – some of the things we look at include:

  • Insulation
  • Windows
  • House orientation
  • Appliances
  • House layout

All of these need to be considered during split system installation in Brisbane if you’re to get a system that:

  • Meets your unique cooling requirements
  • Accounts for factors specific to your property
  • Falls within your budget

As Diamond Dealers, we’re able to combine this in-depth approach with our in-depth knowledge of different Mitsubishi Electric split system air conditioners to give you the ideal system for your needs.

Trust us, you won’t get this type of service from anyone other than a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer!

split system installation in Brisbane

The very best in air conditioning service

Installing your air conditioner isn’t the only time you’ll need an air conditioning team in Brisbane – you’ll also need to hang onto them for air conditioning service and repairs.

Just like any other mechanical device, air conditioning systems can fail – when this happens, you’ll need to call someone to fix it.

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealers are specialists in Mitsubishi Electric service and repairs – it’s in the name, after all.

Unlike a run-of-the-mill air conditioning team, a Diamond Dealer:

  • Understands Mitsubishi Electric split system installation inside-out
  • Possesses unbeatable brand-specific knowledge
  • Won’t void your warranty
  • Has access to genuine spare parts

All of this makes us the best choice not just for Mitsubishi split system installation, but ongoing maintenance and repairs too.

Not your typical Diamond Dealer

By now, it should be clear that Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealers are a cut (get it?) above the rest.

However, even among Diamond Dealers, there are installers that stand out compared to others – for example, us.

We aren’t trying to brag or put down the competition – this is something that we can prove.

Each year, Mitsubishi Electric runs its Dealer of the Year award – an award that we’re pleased to announce that we’ve won an incredible 10 times!

We’ve been consistently selected as south-east Queensland’s leading Diamond Dealer, making us one of the best teams to call for your air conditioning needs.

Whether you want a Mitsubishi Electric split system or a ducted air conditioner, you can be confident that our team will be able to provide your home with the system it needs.

Don’t sweat it – Tri-Tech it

The team to call for air conditioning installation in Brisbane

So you’ve got your eyes on a system with the propellor logo on it – if you ask us, you’ve made a great choice. Now there’s just one more to make: namely, who do you choose to carry out your air conditioning installation?

As a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer, Tri-Tech is one of the leading names in air conditioning in Brisbane.

Make no mistake, if you have decided on Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning, the only logical next step is to choose a team that bears the Diamond Dealer logo – it’s the only way to ensure that your split system installation is carried out to the highest standard.

If you live in Brisbane, Tri-Tech is the team to call.

Not sure if Mitsubishi Electric is the right Aircon for you? Check our post on Mitsubishi versus Daikin Air Conditioner.

With countless split system installations in Brisbane under our belts – many of them using Mitsubishi Electric systems – as well as Diamond Dealer status, there’s no better team to call for all your home comfort needs.

Need split system air conditioning in Brisbane? Contact our team today on (07) 3394 0222 or enquire now to get interest free air conditioning brisbane.

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