Why choose a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer for your next air conditioning installation?

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Planning to replace your air conditioning in Brisbane?

We don’t blame you – with recent heatwave smashing November records, summer is well and truly upon us!

As such, deciding on a new split system or ducted air conditioner should be a no-brainer. What isn’t quite as straightforward however is choosing the right air conditioning team to carry it out.

When choosing an air conditioning team, you’ll see a lot of selling points being thrown around. One of them is the title of Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer.

So what exactly is the Diamond Dealer program? What do they offer that a run-of-the-mill air conditioning installer can’t?

And what makes them the best choice for air conditioning in Brisbane?


An introduction to Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning

While we in Australia might know them best for their cars, the Mitsubishi organisation has fingers in all sorts of pies, including:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Civil aviation
  • Banking

So it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine them as one of the world’s leading air conditioning brands too!

Owing to their origin in the humid, warm environment of central Japan, Mitsubishi air conditioning systems are perfectly suited to Brisbane summers.

On top of that, their staggering R&D budget means that there’s a Mitsubishi system for just about every need.

Best of all, it’s backed up by a network of Mitsubishi Diamond Dealers!

Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer Brisbane

What is a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer?

We bet you’re confused about what a Diamond Dealer does.

While the name suggests specialist knowledge and it’s easy to infer the difference, that doesn’t give you much in the way of detail.

Luckily, as a Diamond Dealer ourselves, Tri-Tech can explain what makes us different from other air conditioning teams!

Becoming a Diamond Dealer

Simply put, a Diamond Dealer is a Mitsubishi air conditioning specialist.

On top of that though, aspiring Diamond Dealers need to meet several criteria. These provide additional peace of mind:

  • Be nominated by a distributor
  • Sign a code of professional conduct
  • Have a brick and mortar location
  • Sell a minimum of 20 air conditioning systems annually

Once it’s established that these requirements have been met, it’s time to sit the test.

All Diamond Dealers need to successfully complete a factory training program.

This tests applicants on the ins-and-outs of Mitsubishi air conditioning systems, assessing our knowledge of the Mitsubishi product range as well as the blood and guts that power your system.

It might sound excessive, but that’s exactly what allows us to provide the workmanship expected of us!

The modern office interior design.

How a Diamond Dealer goes above and beyond

We’ve covered system design multiple times in the past. For those who are new around these parts however, system design is all about choosing the perfect air conditioning system for your home or business.

Getting to that stage requires a lot of careful planning and consideration.

Some of the things us Diamond Dealers look at include:

  • Ceiling height
  • Insulation
  • Electronics and appliances
  • Carpets and material
  • Window location and sunlight
  • Room usage
  • And many more!

While individually these might be pretty insignificant, when combined they can have a tangible effect on how well your air conditioning system performs. Not to mention, it has to fall within your budget too!

Fortunately, a Diamond Dealer can help.

Armed with an in-depth knowledge of the Mitsubishi range of air conditioners, a Diamond Dealer is perfectly placed to help you choose the perfect cooling system.

Can your air conditioning installer offer that?


Diamonds are forever… and so are air conditioning repairs and maintenance from Mitsubishi Diamond Dealers!

If you want to stay cool for years to come, regular air conditioning maintenance is essential.

This is especially important for commercial air conditioning clients. For starters, commercial properties use their cooling a lot more.

Not to mention, commercial properties typically have much bigger, more complex air conditioning systems – this means a stronger system, but in some ways, also highlights more points of failure.

For big jobs like this, you can’t just call any old air conditioning repairman – that’s where a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer comes in.

When we say Diamond Dealers specialise in Mitsubishi systems, we mean it.

On top of home split systems, the training program also includes the big commercial air conditioning systems found in:

  • Shopping centres
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

For an example of why a Diamond Dealer like Tri-Tech should be your technician of choice for air conditioning maintenance, look no further than the case of Brisbane Girls’ Grammar School.

Since 2002, Tri-Tech has provided ongoing service and maintenance for their expansive air conditioning system.

Coming in during school holidays, our team have kept their school-wide cooling running for over a decade and a half now – without disrupting their business.

Click here to learn more about our history with BGS.

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Planning air conditioning installation in Brisbane?

You need a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer!

Make no mistake, Diamond Dealers are a cut above the rest. If you want air conditioning that works for you and lasts for years to come, you’ll benefit greatly from our insight and specialist knowledge.

Operating since 1989, we’re the team of choice for air conditioning installation in Brisbane.

On top of our status as Mitsubishi Diamond Dealers, we’re also experienced with many of Australia’s favourite air conditioning brands, including:

  • Fujitsu
  • Daikin
  • ActronAir
  • MyAir
  • AirSmart

Find out how we can help you – call us today on (07) 3394 0222, or reach us here for the answers to your questions.

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