How Tri-Tech Delivers Comfort to Brisbane Girls Grammar School

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As one of Brisbane’s most experienced and best-established commercial air conditioning installers, we’ve received countless calls for smart solutions across the city and state.

Each of these businesses requires a different approach to commercial air conditioning.

For each one of these jobs, we’ve approached them with our trademark care, professionalism and experience.

Today, we’d like to highlight one such job at one of Brisbane’s leading private schools, Brisbane Girls Grammar.

Brisbane Girls Grammar School

Founded in 1875, Brisbane Girls Grammar School is one of the oldest in all of Queensland in both the public and private systems. It even predates the state’s first high school!

Featuring 10 buildings for its 1300+ students, this school is located in the inner suburb of Spring Hill. Over the last 140 years, its doors have seen thousands of girls come and go, as well as countless changes to its campus.

In 2002, school administration decided that it had a need for air conditioning systems that would cool the entirety of its campus, while also offering:

  • Greater control
  • Greater power
  • Cost-effectiveness

That’s where Tri-Tech comes in to the picture!

Air conditioning for older buildings

As with any commercial air conditioning job, our involvement started with looking at the property.

With such a long history, it’s no surprise that many of BGGS’ buildings are older. The main building in particular dates back to 1883!

As such, that presented three main challenges:

  • Older, less efficient insulation
  • Walls and materials with significantly more wear-and-tear
  • A heritage listing with the Queensland Heritage Register

Older insulation would necessitate more powerful cooling systems to make up the difference. More worn walls could potentially limit our options. And finally, the building’s historical importance meant we had to design systems that were neither seen nor heard.

System design

During the system design phase, we work with commercial clients to design an air conditioning system that perfectly matches their:

  • Building structure
  • Cooling requirements
  • Budget

As Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealers, we decided on two City Multi systems, one of Mitsubishi Electric’s top-of-the-line commercial air conditioning systems at the time.

Not all rooms or students have the same requirements. A music or science classroom may have much stricter climate requirements than a daily-use classroom.

Not only could this system be scaled up to cover the entirety of the campus, but it also offered the best combination of power and performance.

We also recommended a G50A controller. Not only can teachers control the temperature in each individual classroom, but they can also do so via school computers for maximum convenience!

Most importantly, this system is almost 100% concealed.

We were able to fit 19 fan coil units inside the main building, and three large condensers in the valleys of the roof, ensuring a seamless appearance.

Air conditioning for schools

Ongoing commercial air conditioning service

No commercial air conditioning job ends after installation.

Just like any other complex piece of machinery, your air conditioner requires ongoing maintenance to stay functional.

Tri-Tech is also proud to offer ongoing service contracts for commercial air conditioning clients.

Our team has been offering ongoing air conditioning maintenance for BGGS ever since initial installation. We’ve been making scheduled inspections and check-ups of their commercial air conditioning since 2002.

And as a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer, we can do more than just offer the perfect Mitsubishi Electric system. We’re also able to offer service that stays within warranty and source only official spare parts.

Choose Tri-Tech for commercial air conditioning in Brisbane!

Brisbane Girls Grammar School is just one of the large commercial projects we’ve worked on over the years.

Operating since 1989, we’ve provided commercial air conditioning to properties all over Brisbane and south-east Queensland, including:

  • Restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality businesses
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Residential builds including apartments and townhouses
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Offices and other white-collar businesses

Does your business need commercial air conditioning installation? If so, get in touch with Tri-Tech today!

Give our team a call on (07) 3394 0222, or request an air conditioning quote today.

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