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Wi-Fi and Voice-activated Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning

  • Unparalleled convenience and ultimate comfort
  • Integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Control your air conditioning from anywhere
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    Introducing: Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi air conditioning

    Wi-Fi Control gives you the power to control your air conditioning using any internet-enabled device.

    Tri-Tech’s experienced air conditioning experts can upgrade your Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner with Wi-Fi control, giving you the power to control your comfort from anywhere, at any time.

    By installing a special adaptor into your existing Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner, you’ll be able to enjoy complete control over your air conditioning from any smartphone, desktop computer or tablet.

    Remote control, wherever you are

    Remote control, wherever you are

    All you need is an internet connection!

    The last thing you want to come home to is a hot, sweltering house. Luckily, Wi-Fi control lets you avoid this outcome. Before you arrive home, whip out your phone and set your preferred temperature. Alternatively, log into the web portal from your work PC before you clock out.

    Your commands will be relayed to your air conditioning system at home, which will bring down the temperature in preparation for your return.

    Control individual zones

    Control individual zones

    Remote control isn’t the only way Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi air conditioning control can make your home more comfortable – when combined with extensive zoning options, you’ll also be able to use Wi-Fi control to determine exactly what parts of your house need to be cooled.

    When you activate your home assistant, be sure to specify the desired temperature, as well as which room you want cooled. Your Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner will do the rest!

    Integrates with existing systems

    Integrates with existing systems

    You don’t need a brand-new Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner to enjoy the benefits of Wi-Fi control – many existing systems come with support for this extra feature out of the box, including Mitsubishi Electric’s:

    • M Series
    • P Series
    • City Multi range

    Go hands-free with voice-activated air conditioning!

    One of the benefits of Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi control is the ability to control your air conditioning from any internet-enabled device… and that includes home voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa!

    Whether you’re busy with kids, carrying groceries or in the middle of making dinner, voice-activated air conditioning makes controlling your comfort easier than ever. All you’ll need to do is ask your home assistant!

    Our mobile tech team is able to offer owners of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners in Brisbane the ultimate in convenience, ease-of-use and home comfort.

    Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning

    “Hey Alexa, set the kitchen to 24ºC”

    With Mitsubishi Electric voice-controlled air conditioning, you’ll be able to control your air conditioning using your Amazon Echo.

    Using the Wi-Fi Control app, you can connect and name multiple air conditioning systems, all of which can then be controlled using your Echo.

    “Okay Google, turn on the air conditioning!”

    Many smartphones come with Google Assistant. This allows you to use many of the functions on your smartphone with your voice – this extends to the Wi-Fi Control app too!

    Additionally, Wi-Fi control also allows your air conditioner to directly connect to home assistants powered by Google Home.

    Choose Tri-Tech for Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning in Brisbane

    Don’t sweat it – Tri-Tech it!

    As Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealers, our team has exclusive access to some of the latest, most advanced systems on offer from Mitsubishi Electric. That includes Wi-Fi and voice-activated air conditioning.

    In addition to servicing the entirety of Brisbane, Tri-Tech also offers dedicated air conditioning services to:

    • Northern Gold Coast
    • Ipswich
    • Logan
    • Redcliffe
    • Caboolture
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