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AirSmart Air Conditioning Brisbane

Founded in Melbourne, AirSmart offers ducted cooling and heating solutions with a twist…

Conventional ducted heating takes up considerable space in your ceiling cavity, and often requires sturdy metal mountings to install.

This puts them out of reach of many homes and businesses.

Not so with small duct systems.

AirSmart air conditioning Brisbane

Using innovative small duct air conditioning, AirSmart brings the power of ducted cooling and heating to homes that otherwise wouldn’t be able to have.

With an AirSmart small duct system, you can enjoy the benefits of ducted cooling and heating, no matter what type of property you live or work in.

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Small Duct air conditioning: small but mighty!

Using ducting that’s much narrower in diameter results in ducted cooling that’s lighter and more space-efficient.

In addition to reducing space requirements, this also eliminates the need for mountings and bulkheads in your ceiling.

But that isn’t the only thing small duct systems bring to the table!

On top of being perfectly-suited for tight spaces, small duct air conditioning offers the following benefits.

More energy-efficient

Smaller ducts require less energy to pump cool air through.

Your outdoor air conditioning unit actually consumes less electricity to provide the same level of cooling – in some cases, small duct systems can be three times as efficient!

Provides better cooling

Narrow ducts have fewer fluctuations in temperature.

On top of that, Bernoulli’s principle means the fast-moving that comes out of a narrow duct air disperses much more evenly.

Both of these attributes ensuring better, more consistent cooling overall.

Offers unlimited flexibility

Narrow air conditioning ducts can fit anywhere.

On top of being suitable for buildings with flat roofs and small ceiling cavities, they can also be installed under floors, in walls, in cupboards under stairs…

Tri-Tech is the go-to team for AirSmart air conditioning installation

Tri-Tech is proud to add AirSmart to its stable of brands.

We’ve seen first-hand the powerful cooling AirSmart systems deliver, as well as its unmatched flexibility, efficiency, and airflow.

If you’re thinking about small duct cooling for your home or website, AirSmart is easily the name to choose.

And when it comes to installation, you can’t go past Tri-Tech

Our mobile tech-team specialise in providing tailored air conditioning solutions.

We’re the experts in air conditioning system design – we’ll help you choose a system that perfectly meets your needs.

Combined with quality installation services and it’s no wonder that we’re Brisbane’s leading air conditioning experts!

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