What is system design for domestic air conditioning in Brisbane?

  • Condo with open floor pland and granite kitchen countertop

Your home is anything but cookie-cutter.

We don’t just mean in terms of how it looks and feels, either – in our experience, many homes (older ones in particular) come with a whole host of completely unique challenges that need to be overcome during domestic air conditioning installation.

To overcome these challenges, system design is crucial.

Like the name suggests, system design is all about creating air conditioning solutions tailored to suit your unique circumstances.

What types of things are we talking about?

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Condo with open floor pland and granite kitchen countertop

Air conditioning installation structure

Simply put, not all houses are suited to all types of air conditioning systems!

This issue is especially problematic with regards to ducted air conditioning installation.

The bottom line is that not all homes have enough ceiling or roof space to fit in ducted cooling vents.

In other cases, the amount of work it would take to get it to work can make ducted air conditioning installation a less-than-ideal choice.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it can’t be overcome!

One option is to opt for multi-split air conditioning. Another is to harness the power that modern small duct systems brings to the table.

Either way, house structure has a role to play in your air conditioning plan.

The right air conditioning system for your room area, size, and volume

Another thing that can influence your domestic air conditioning installation is volume, size and area.

Simply put, that’s because bigger homes and rooms require more powerful air conditioning!

Larger homes or houses with open-plan designs often end up needing more powerful solutions – after all, they have a lot more air to condition.

We aren’t just talking about large houses either. A large room in an otherwise small house can also present similar issues.

Temperature and climate – location matters!

Not all insulation is made equal.

You mightn’t know it, but there are dozens of different types of insulation out there, each with different thermal performance.

Not to mention, the way insulation is produced and installed also affects how effective it is at keeping the heat out.

It’s also important to ask things like:

  • What direction does your house face?
  • Do you have any windows that face the sun?
  • Is your home located in a shaded area?

These are important questions when it comes to system design – just like insulation, each of these can have a considerable impact on how hot your house gets throughout the day!

Houses that are located in shaded areas are typically exposed to less sunlight – and by exposure, they don’t take on quite as much heat. As a result, they also tend to stay cooler – and are easier to cool down – in the summer.

By contrast, homes with a lot of windows and a lack of shade will warm up much quicker!

Naturally, all of these factors directly affects how powerful you’ll need your air conditioner to be, which is why this is one of the first things we look at when we’re called in to perform domestic air conditioning installation.

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Is your home heritage listed? That can affect air conditioning installation in Brisbane

At Tri-Tech, we carry out air conditioning services all over Brisbane.

That includes the inner suburbs, where many houses are on the state heritage register.

Owning such a property comes with a host of unique requirements that need to be adhered to, one of which is that any renovations or works need to be carried out in a way that doesn’t fundamentally change its appearance or structure.

You’d be surprised at how this might affect your domestic air conditioning installation!

Luckily, our mobile tech team has plenty of experience working with heritage-listed buildings. We were contracted to provide air conditioning for the heritage-listed Brisbane Girls Grammar School – click here to find out how we worked around that.


Your budget influences your air conditioning system

And of course, how could we forget about your budget?

Without a doubt, this is one of the most important factors in any air conditioning installation.

No matter what system you end up being recommended for your home, you’ll still need to pay for it after all.

Based on your lifestyle, your home, and your budget, we’ll create an air conditioning strategy that suits your requirements.

Our team offer a huge variety of air conditioning systems from a wide range of brands, allowing us to provide you with an air conditioning system that perfectly fits your price point.

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Stay cool with air conditioning in Brisbane from Tri-Tech!

Call the experts in domestic air conditioning installation

When it comes to air conditioning, Tri-Tech are Brisbane’s go-to team.

Unlike other air conditioning contractors, our team don’t just perform installations.

We open every consultation by taking an in-depth look at your house.

This is a process known as system design, and it forms the basis of every domestic air conditioning installation we perform.

The result? An air conditioning system that’s perfectly tailored for your home.

Interested? Give us a Tri today – call us on (07) 3394 0222 or click here to touch base with us.

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