AirSmart Air Conditioning

Named after the Venturi effect (the principle that makes small-duct cooling so effective), AirSmart Venturi systems are the leading small duct air conditioning system in Australia.

Unlike other air conditioning brands, AirSmart air conditioning systems specialise in one particular niche: small duct air conditioning.

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Designed from the ground-up as small duct cooling systems, the Venturi product range are easily the most capable and sophisticated small duct systems available in Australia.

With Venturi, you’ll enjoy:

  • Energy-efficiency
  • Unmatched control
  • More even cooling

AirSmart Venturi – a Smarter Way to Cool Your Home

AirSmart air conditioning systems like the Venturi range of small duct systems allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a ducted cooling system… but without the extensive renovations and architectural adjustments that often come with retrofitting ducted cooling into a home that wasn’t designed with it in mind!

Specialised design

Venturi isn’t a regular old ducted system that’s been scaled down – it was designed from the ground-up as a small-duct system.

Components such as the fan coil units, ducting, grilles and more are specially-designed with an increased tolerance for the higher velocity and pressure that come with a small duct system.

Modern, seamless design

When we say that AirSmart Venturi is almost impossible to spot, we meant it.

Instead of using conventional grilles, Venturi uses unconventional and modern designs.
This includes single slot diffusers that present as a small, clean line in your walls or ceiling.

Combine that with whisper-quiet operation, and it’s almost impossible to tell your air conditioner is on at all!

Unrivalled control

Unlike many other systems, AirSmart air conditioning systems like Venturi come with separate controllable zones, and smartphone control out-of-the-box. This grants you complete control over your comfort from anywhere.

In addition to improving your comfort, these features (as well as options like automated operation) can also help you bring down your energy bills.

Unmatched flexibility

In computer terms, open-source means the code behind a computer program is 100% accessible, allowing users to modify it to suit their own needs.

AirSmart Venturi is designed with similar principles in mind. Venturi to be integrated with a variety of alternate power sources like hydronic heating, batteries, chillers, or geothermal sources, as well as existing comfort control systems and ventilation systems.

AirSmart Air Conditioning for Commercial Properties

It isn’t just old homes or other residential dwellings with tight wall and ceiling cavities that benefit from AirSmart air conditioning systems like Venturi – it can also help commercial properties too!

For businesses such as cafes, hairdressers and certain retail shops, presentation is king.

Visible air conditioning grilles and the constant hum of a cooling system in the background can distract customers and patrons, and may impact the image your business wants to project.

In other cases, businesses might not be able to use conventional ducted cooling due to the way their ceilings are designed, or because they have ceiling-mounted decorations.

AirSmart Venturi air conditioning is perfect for businesses such as these.

Thanks to its small size, Venturi can be customised to fit into walls, in staircases or even the floor itself.

Thanks to its unconventional grille design and quiet systems, your customers and staff will enjoy the comfort of air conditioning… without even realising it!