What’s the best brand for your air conditioning installation?

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We’re just going to come right out and say that there isn’t a “best” air conditioning brand, per se

… however, there are some brands that are simply better than others!

Let’s not beat around the bush – many air conditioning brands simply aren’t up to the task of cooling your home or business. As long as you avoid these dodgy brands and choose one that has a good reputation however, you shouldn’t have to sweat it (figuratively or literally).

Thinking of air conditioning installation in Brisbane? Worried that you’ll end up with a system that’s woefully inadequate?

Don’t – as long as you stick to one of the brands listed below, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Thinking of air conditioning installation in Brisbane? You can’t go wrong with any of these brands…

Mitsubishi Electric

As one of the world’s biggest companies, Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems offer a huge variety of options. That means air conditioning systems of all shapes and sizes, allowing us to cover all sorts of properties.

That also includes powerful, high-tech add-ons like Wi-Fi control!

As Mitsubishi Diamond Dealers (as well as 2019’s Dealership of the Year for south-east Queensland), we’re uniquely placed to install, service and maintain Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners.

You’ll receive genuine spare parts, expert knowledge and unbeatable service, every time!


First opening in the 1920s, Daikin is one of the world’s leading air conditioning brands. With a reputation for innovation, Daikin is a solid choice for many air conditioning applications.

As authorised Daikin dealers, Tri-Tech are the team to call if you need someone to supply, install, service or repair Daikin air conditioning systems.

It isn’t just domestic air conditioning installation, either – our skills also enable us to perform large-scale air conditioning installation in Brisbane as well.

That includes large systems for schools, shopping centres, hospitals, office towers and more!


The power and coverage of ducted cooling, without the footprint and installation restrictions?

Small duct air conditioning offers the solution – and AirSmart is blazing the path!

We’re big fans of the AirSmart brand thanks to its energy-efficiency, ease-of-installation and flexibility, which no ducted air conditioning system from any other brand can possibly hope to match.

For those with more unique air conditioning requirements, AirSmart is the way to go!

Learn more about AirSmart Venutri’s small duct cooling.


Based right here in Australia, ActronAir systems are optimised for Australia’s unique climate and weather conditions, while also offering some of the most energy-efficient systems on the market.

With both ducted and split-system units as part of their product range, ActronAir has a system for you, whether it’s a single room or an entire shopping centre that you need to cool.

While it may not be the biggest air conditioning brands out there, ActronAir offers a range of extras which aren’t too far off! That includes proprietary solutions that help maximise your comfort, such as clever zoning and and control systems.


Okay, so it isn’t exactly an air conditioning brand – that said, MyAir is a potent addon to your air conditioning system!

Add extensive zoning to your ducted air conditioning system, remote control over a split-system and in-home sensors that automatically adjust cooling depending on the individual room.

Best of all, it can be retrofitted into many existing ducted and split-system air conditioners alike!

air conditioning installation brisbane

What do you mean, the best air conditioning brand doesn’t exist?

Earlier, we mentioned that there’s no such thing as a “best” air conditioning brand. Any of the brands listed above are solid bets!

The reason is simple: each home or business is unique. While each of these brands offers a huge range of systems and models, there’s no way any of them on their own is going to be able to cover every single requirement.

(As an aside, this is also why it’s important that your air conditioning installer works with a variety of brands – this allows them to provide a wider range of systems, and better meet your unique requirements.)

Instead, there’s only the best air conditioning brand for your needs.

It’s a single word, but it makes all the difference!

This is a process known as system design…

The importance of system design in air conditioning installation

Like we mentioned above, it’s all about choosing the best air conditioning brand for your needs and requirements.

And the system design process is all about identifying those needs.

During system design, we look at a range of factors that may impact your comfort. This goes beyond the obvious ones like room comfort and insulation, and also includes:

  • Ventilation
  • Windows
  • Air quality
  • Machinery or home appliances
  • Location of the room
  • Installation challenges

Armed with all this information, we can select a system from our catalogue of brands that best fits your requirements.

This stage is key, and is what leads to you receiving the ideal air conditioning solution – NOT the brand (though that’s part of it!)

While there’s no such thing as “best” air conditioning brand, there IS a thing as the best installation team!

Why Tri-Tech is the go-to team for air conditioning installation in Brisbane

While there’s no such thing as a “best” air conditioning brand, there is such a thing as a best air conditioning team – us!

This isn’t just sales talk, either – we’ve got the credentials to prove it.

Our mobile tech-team is officially Brisbane’s most awarded air conditioning team. We mentioned before how we won Mitsubishi Electric’s Dealer of the Year for south-east Queensland – what we didn’t mention is that this is our 10th time winning it!

And it’s all thanks to our know-how, workmanship and commitment to excellent ongoing customer service.

Tri the best today – give us a call on (07) 3394 0222 or click here to get in touch online.

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