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Split System Air Conditioning

Versatile split systems allow temperate control for specific rooms of the house. Save energy with cost-efficient split systems.

  • Enjoy cooling power in individual rooms without the fuss
  • Split system installation can be a more cost-efficient solution
  • Save energy by controlling the temperature in certain rooms only
  • Control heat and humidity during summer

If only the outdoors could be as comfortable!

Split System Air Conditioning Brisbane

Why choose split system cooling?

Split System Air Conditioning Installation Split systems are easy to install

Split systems are more easily installed than other systems and in many cases, can be installed in just a few hours by a licensed technician. Modern split systems are sleek and blend in to existing decor.

Cost effective Split System Air Conditioning They offer cost-effective cooling

If this solution meets your needs, split systems can be cheaper to run than a ducted system (without zoning). After all, you’re only cooling specific rooms as opposed to an entire home!

Split System Air Conditioning for all The vast majority of houses will support split systems

The spaces you want to cool will impact which type of air conditioning system is best for you.

By virtue of their small size and relatively low weight, almost any type of structure can support a split system, making them a suitable choice for a variety of homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and other commercial dwellings.

Targeted Split System Air Conditioning Targeted cooling
and heating

Split air conditioners are small, compact and quickly installed – all you need is a wall to mount it on!

Installing multiple split air conditioners in your house allows you to control temperature in each room independently. This is perfect for families with different heat tolerance.

It’s even possible to run a them independently on only one outdoor compressor, combining the affordability of a split system with the coverage of ducted cooling.

How split systems work

Like the name suggests, split systems are made up of two main components: one which sits inside your home, and the other, outside. The two are discreetly connected by tubes and wires.

Each component serves a different function:

  • The external unit contains the compressor, which initiates the cooling process
  • The internal unit contains an evaporator coil that absorbs the heat from air and a fan that blows refrigerated air into the room

Compared to old box units (affectionately known as “window rattlers”), split systems are fitted with much larger fans and compressors, so they can offer more powerful and effective cooling.

Split System Air Conditioning