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Small Duct Air Conditioning Systems

Small Ducted Systems fit where traditional ducted systems cannot. Enjoy the benefits of ducted air conditioning with an SDS that fits even in the smallest of wall or ceiling cavities.

Ducted air conditioning is the perfect air conditioning solution for those who need heavy-duty cooling.

Oftentimes, however, its sheer size means that some homeowners and businesses alike are unable to enjoy the benefits of ducted cooling.

Until they discover Small Duct Systems, that is.

These systems fit almost anywhere, making them perfect for:

  • Older homes
  • Buildings with limited ceiling space
  • Properties with flat roofs
Air conditioning installation

Why choose a Small Duct System?

New installation Powerful cooling in a
small package

Specifically designed for buildings where ceiling space is at a premium, small duct systems bring the power of air conditioning to buildings that otherwise wouldn’t be able to support traditional ducted cooling systems.

Service and repair It’s a cost-effective

Smaller components eliminates the need for a lot of the supporting structures that normally come with ducted cooling, which may help bring your quote down.

Upgrade and replace Energy-efficient

The compact ducting used in small duct systems (as small as 50 millimetres in diameter) means fewer temperature fluctuations.

Moreover, it also brings down running costs compared to a traditional ducted system – smaller ducts mean less power is needed to move cool air.

Upgrade and replace Unmatched

Who said ducts had to be in your ceiling?

Thanks to their small size, slim and small duct systems are much more flexible, offering unmatched flexibility and freedom.

They can be installed in your ceiling, walls, or floors!

But won’t smaller ducts mean less air?

Au contraire – small duct systems equal their bigger brethren in cooling capacity. In some cases, they actually surpass them!

A small duct system doesn’t deliver cool air in spite of its narrow ducting – it’s because of the small ducts that it’s able to provide equal or even superior cooling to a traditional ducted system.

Thanks to the narrower ducting, your small duct air conditioner needs less energy to pump cool air throughout your home.

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On top of bringing down your power bill however, this also means that air comes out of your ducts and vents at a higher velocity.

This is thanks to a rule in physics known as Bernoulli’s principle.

While it has many practical applications, when it comes to air conditioning the upshot is that air that comes out of a small air conditioning duct at high velocity tends to tumble and disperse more evenly.

Not to mention, narrow-duct systems can also remove up to 30% more humidity, improving your comfort even further.

The result? A less humid room with a more consistent temperature – no more worrying about the ceiling being warmer than the ground, for example!

Interested in a Small Duct System?

Improved air quality, attractive grilles and vents, and ducts that can be installed in even the smallest of roof cavities: these ducted systems might be small, but they’re mighty, too!

If you’ve been told to say goodbye to ducted cooling due to your building’s specifications, call the experts at Tri-Tech to discover if a Small Duct System is an alternative solution!

Our mobile tech team operates across Brisbane and beyond in all types of buildings, from homes and offices to schools and hospitals.

Could an SDS be the right solution for you? Give us a call to find out more: (07) 3394 0222.

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