Our air conditioning installation experts share 7 costly mistakes

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Air conditioning installation is no walk in the park. Just like buying a new car, it’s something that needs a lot of thought put into it if you don’t want to be left with a lemon.

Most of us don’t really go air conditioner shopping regularly. Some younger readers might never have even done it on their own. After all, 3 in 4 Aussie homes now come with air conditioning out-of-the-box.

With that in mind, air conditioning mistakes happen without the proper skill and strategy that comes with a licensed AC team. Learn more from Tri-Tech below (and catch up on some common terminology here), and feel free to get in touch with us for all your needs when it comes to air conditioning in Brisbane.

Air conditioning mistakes can be costly

As air conditioning installers, we know how important it is to choose the perfect system for your home. One that delivers the ideal amount of cooling, while also offering the best price.

If you don’t choose an appropriate system, you might be left with air conditioning that:

  • Doesn’t deliver enough cooling
  • Costs you too much to run
  • Wastes energy
  • Doesn’t cover your entire home

Needless to say, any of these are an undesirable outcome!

Professional air conditioning installers are a huge help here. We perform in-depth system design, taking into account your unique circumstances and providing tailored solutions.

Our air conditioning experts can advise on everything:

  • Energy consumption
  • Room insulation
  • Relative temperature
  • Unit placement
  • Cooling power

But that’s not all we look out for. Asides from the obvious errors, there are plenty of easy-to-miss minor details that can sink your air conditioning installation.

So, what should you watch out for?

Mistake #1: Installing AC in the wrong location or attaching your outdoor unit directly to your building

If you look closely, you’ll notice that very few outdoor units are bolted directly onto exterior walls. Instead, they use special mounts that either have thick padding or (more commonly) leave a gap.

This is because outdoor condensers generate a lot of noise and vibrations. Bolt yours directly onto your outside walls, and you’ll feel it!

Mistake #2: Un-insulated tubing and unsealed ducting

Your air conditioning system uses tubing to deliver coolant, as well as to drain out any moisture that might be generated.

These tubes “sweat” – without insulation, this leads to dripping and water damage. If you don’t detect it in time, it can even lead to warps, stains and mould inside your home!

And while we’re on the topic of tubing…

Mistake #3: Using too much tubing in your split system

With split system air conditioning, both the indoor and outdoor units are generally very close to one another. This offers several advantages, like quicker split system installation, lower labour costs and minimal drilling.

More importantly, it also offers more efficient cooling, as cool air takes less time to travel from the outdoor condenser to your indoor unit (and vice versa).

But if you use excessive tubing in your air conditioning installation when you don’t need to, you could be left with a system that takes longer to complete the cooling cycle. And that means slower cooling.

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Mistake #4: Not cleaning up after installation

At Tri-Tech, we make a concerted effort to do our job as cleanly as possible. That said, a certain amount of debris is unavoidable.

As part of our customer satisfaction service, we ensure we clean up at the completion of your installation job. Aircon installation is major work, and as such, mess is not unusual. However, we understand that we have been invited into your home – your sanctuary – and as such, we treat this space (as well as you and your family) with respect.

It goes without saying, but a team who is invited into your own home should always clean up, no matter the job, whether it’s an air conditioning service, installation, or even a basic repair.

Mistake #5: Choosing the wrong coolant

There are 2 reasons why choosing the right coolant is important when planning air conditioning installation.

  1. Certain coolants can be toxic with prolonged exposure
  2. Certain refrigerants are being phased out. R22 is one of them – the government is slowly restricting the importation of this coolant until eventually, there won’t be any available. Expect a dramatic increase in the cost of R22 in the near future!

Mistake #6: Not leaving enough clearance

If you’re installing multiple split systems, be sure to leave at least half a metre of clearance on all sides.

This allows the fan in your outdoor condenser to properly circulate air. This is the air that (after some cooling and filtering) is pumped into your house. Needless to say, if multiple condensers are fighting for the same air, your split systems lose their efficiency!


Mistake #7: Your air conditioner wasn’t installed properly

The biggest mistake of all? Not choosing professional air conditioning Brisbane team!

Planning an air conditioning installation in Brisbane? The only sure-fire way to avoid these lesser-known traps is to have a professional installer on your side.

And not just any air conditioning installer either, but one who you can trust to catch even the smallest potential problems.

If you’re looking for a professional to look after your air conditioning (and you should), get in touch with the team from Tri-Tech.

Operating since 1989, we pride ourselves on our unmatched service. If you need air conditioning installation in Brisbane, we can help. From family homes to offices, warehouses, new builds, and schools, we invite you to Tri the best, just in time for summer: call Tri-Tech on (07) 3394 0222, or get in touch with us online to receive a quote from Brisbane’s leading air conditioning team!

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