What training does your skilled AC team have?

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Ever wondered what qualifications your Brisbane air conditioning specialist has?

When you call a professional for air conditioning installation in Brisbane, you aren’t getting somebody whose only qualification is “knows how to handle an electric drill” – rather, you’re getting a bona fide expert in all things cooling!

Yes, air conditioning installation is a highly-skilled profession – and just like many other high skill professions, there’s a lot of training that goes into becoming an air conditioning installer.

What type of training are we talking about?


Why you need a trained air conditioning installation expert

From refrigerant and drilling to wiring and mounting: there’s a lot of terminology in the AC game. Air conditioning installation, repairs and maintenance is a complex process that encompasses different tasks and requires specialised skills.

There are many different types of air conditioning systems in Brisbane, each with a different installation method.

Another thing to consider is air conditioning brands. Each brand has its own unique features and product range, which we need to be familiar with if we’re to provide the most suitable cooling solution for your home or business! Other types of training we air conditioning installers undergo include…

Electrical wiring

Air conditioners are powered by electricity – naturally, air conditioner installers need to be able to work safely around electricity. At Tri-Tech, we go a step further and offer complete electrical services too!

Cutting and drilling

Air conditioning installation often requires cutting through your walls and ceilings to connect the indoor and outdoor components of your A/C. As such, air conditioning installers need to know how to do this safely, and without damaging your property.

Refrigerant handling

Air conditioning refrigerant can potentially be toxic – thus, it needs to be handled with care, with appropriate safety measures and procedures.

Bolting, welding and riveting

Many air conditioning installations may require brackets and mounting – therefore, air conditioning installers need training on handling welding equipment. We need to know how to perform all of these tasks safely, and how to carry them out to a high standard.

Working from heights

Installing outdoor units often sees us working on roofs, especially for larger or commercial installations. Much of our training focuses on working safely at heights, including safety procedures and OHS requirements.

Computer skills

Increasingly, air conditioning systems from brands like MyAir and Daikin are becoming “smart” devices. 

In addition to mechanical skills and know-how, a good degree of computer knowledge is now needed to set these systems up!


What type of training do air conditioning installation experts have?

1) Start with your certificate

Just like many other trades, your training all starts in a TAFE with your certificate. In Queensland, a certificate is mandatory – you can’t work as an air conditioning installer in Brisbane without a Certificate backing you up.

In particular, you’ll need a Certificate III in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. This covers a range of subjects, including:

  • OHS regulations and safe work practices
  • Electrical wiring
  • Refrigerant tubing and fittings
  • Pressure testing
  • Fixing motors and mechanical systems

These are just some of the 25 different core courses included in the Certificate III – each of which lets you know that your air conditioning expert is up for the job.

There are also electives covering a wide range of unique air conditioning challenges.

2) Get an apprenticeship

As with any other trade, the mandatory 4-year apprenticeship is a crucial part of the path towards becoming qualified.

That’s because air conditioning installation is a hands-on process – while we learn a lot in the classroom, there are some issues that can only be learnt while on-the-job. Hence, the apprenticeship.

In addition to solving real-world problems and getting the opportunity to put our training to practise, we also work under the supervision of a licensed and qualified air conditioning installer.

air conditioning installation in Brisbane

3) Get licensed

Okay, so you’ve achieved your certificate. You’ve recently completed your apprenticeship, during which you got to sharpen your skills and apply everything you’ve learned.

The next step? Getting licensed.

According to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), a contractor licence is mandatory for any air conditioning-related work worth more than $3,300 in value.

In practice, this means that you’ll need a QBCC licence if you want to do more than just repair work.

However, that isn’t the only licence you’ll need – in addition to a contractor licence, you’ll also need a refrigerant handling licence from the Australian Refrigerant Council (ARC).

That’s because as we mentioned before, air conditioning refrigerant can potentially be toxic – as such, it needs to be handled with great care. An ARC licence certifies that you can safely handle air conditioning refrigerant.

Not to mention, it’s a prerequisite for a QBCC licence too. If your air conditioning installer in Brisbane can’t present their credentials when asked, run the other way!

4) Train with specific brands

Training doesn’t end once you get your licence!

As an air conditioning installation expert, you’ll work with many leading air conditioning brands throughout your career.

Many of these brands have their own programs to help installers familiarise themselves with their unique features and systems. Take us for example: Tri-Tech is a Mitsubishi Electric specialist – the best in south-east Queensland, as a matter of fact.

As a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer, we are uniquely familiar with the inner workings of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners. This is thanks to ongoing professional development and training in features unique to Mitsubishi air conditioners, including the latest models.

Mitsubishi Electric isn’t the only brand that our air conditioning installers in Brisbane work with – click here to learn which air conditioning brands we’ve worked closely with over the years.


Tri-Tech: the go-to team for air conditioning installation in Brisbane

When it comes to air conditioning in Brisbane, you want the very best, and nothing less. And for that, you need Tri-Tech!

Only the best get to join the Tri-Tech family – what’s more, we’re also highly experienced. We work directly with homeowners but are also highly trained as part of a larger network, liaising with builders, architects, and more during new build projects and renovations. 

We’ve been in business for more than 30 years, meaning you’ll also enjoy a wealth of institutional experience and cost-effective solutions wh

en you call Tri-Tech’s mobile tech team for air conditioning installation in Brisbane.

Don’t run the risk of DIY – you never know what kind of mistakes you’re at risk of making.

Don’t sweat it – Tri-Tech it!

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