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Each of us has a morning routine.

Ours involves flipping through our phones as we nurse our all-important morning coffee. We read up on the news, the latest developments in air conditioning  and whichever articles happen to catch our attention.

This morning in particular, we stumbled upon this article featuring 30 unbelievable construction fails.

What starts as laughter turns into horror and we reflect on some of the construction fails we’d seen in our 30 years working in Brisbane.

And one of the biggest ones? Not engaging an air conditioning specialist on your construction process early on!

Today, we’ll be explaining what can go wrong if you don’t think about air conditioning installation until the very end of your project.

Our skilled team can work with owner-builders, architects, and construction companies, even at an earlier stage of the project! 


How our aircon installation team works with builders in Brisbane

We work from the point of design

As any experienced builder knows, an architect’s specialty is in design.

Sometimes, they put a feature into the design without realising that it’s almost impossible to implement in reality.

That’s why good architects work hand-in-hand with builders to ensure that their designs are feasible, and to avoid complications further down the line.

If you ask us, the property’s air conditioning should be treated similarly.

Air conditioning installation comes with a host of challenges. We need to look at wall cavities, ceiling space, wiring and pipes, and don’t get us started on all the niche terminology…!

There are a ton of things we need to work around when installing air conditioning systems.

We work with you from the point of design, identifying construction challenges that may affect our ability to install air conditioning.

This will help avoid problems like:

  • Not being able to fit air conditioning ducts
  • Being forced to use less effective indoor unit or vent locations
  • Having to awkwardly work around wiring and pipes

aircon installation

Air conditioning installation in Brisbane that’s designed for maximum comfort

If you want to build a property that’s beautiful inside and out, you’ll want to pay close attention to the occupant’s comfort.

That doesn’t just mean the colours you choose for the walls, or the decision to go with carpets over floorboards – it also includes your air conditioning system.

Of course, building the most comfortable air conditioning solution is much more involved than just picking a system at random.

It’s a process that requires careful system design that accounts for the unique variables on site such as:

  • Room volume
  • Insulation
  • Windows
  • Building materials
  • Orientation
  • Shade

What many builders do is simply choose any old system at random without properly accounting for these variables. Worse, some even reuse the same systems between projects.

Either way, the result is the same: the occupant doesn’t get an air conditioning solution that maximises their comfort!

You’ll be able to give your clients a more accurate quote

You’d be surprised how many builders simply use a standard rate they obtained from their regular air conditioning team (or worse, a total guess) when quoting on the cost of construction!

If you ask us, this is the wrong way to go about it.

After all, building a small beachside house in Manly is quite different from being engaged to work on a new office block in Brisbane’s CBD!

Unless you work with a volume builder, each project you work on is going to be unique. The room volume will be different, as will the materials, layout and orientation, just to name a few.

You can’t get away with using a “standard” number on your quotes. If you want a more accurate quote, you’ll need a genuine expert on your side.

Once we take a look at your blueprint, we’ll craft a tailor-made quote that accounts for the unique requirements of the client and the cooling needs of the property.

You’ll be able to provide a more accurate quote right off the bat.

We provide value with ongoing service contracts

Are you building an apartment block, commercial property or office tower? If so, our team can provide even further value to occupants.

In addition to air conditioning installation in Brisbane, our team also offers ongoing air conditioning service and repairs for strata and commercial construction projects in which we’re engaged.

We can perform ongoing inspections for your client, helping identify issues and fixing them on the spot, ensuring that occupants are never without air conditioning.

Talk to your client about arranging Tri-Tech’s ongoing service contracts for the property. In addition to protecting the occupant’s comfort, it will also reflect well on your construction company!


Building in Brisbane? Get in touch with Tri-Tech’s air conditioning installation team!

So you’re spooling up for your next building project. You’ve received a design from the architect, have assembled a trustworthy team and are all set to start construction. Not long now!

What kinds of building projects do you normally get contracted to work on? Is it apartments? Houses? Office blocks? Retail strips?

Whatever it is, our air conditioning team can handle it. Our resume runs the gamut from heritage-listed houses to massive warehouses and factories, all over Brisbane. Beat the rush and make sure you book well in advance, especially as we enter the busy summer period.

Whatever you’re building, we can immediately get to work on your building project the moment the site is ready.

Take your project to the next level with the right air conditioning system design from Tri-Tech.

Give us a call on (07) 3394 0222 or click here to engage us for your next building project.

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