Why builders in Brisbane choose Tri-Tech for air conditioning

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The average home can take anywhere between four and 12 months to build – that’s a lot of variation.

As a builder, you’re no doubt aware of the many things that can stretch out your building project.

We’re certain you’ve had at least one project where things have had to be delayed thanks to some part of construction that didn’t go as intended.

And one of the biggest culprits? Air conditioning installation Brisbane.

As one of the most complex individual steps in your construction, it’s crucial that air conditioning for new builds are planned out carefully and carried out by a professional.

Need air conditioning in Brisbane for an upcoming project?

It’s crucial you choose a qualified team who have specialised experience working with builders for new constructions, renovations, and more.

Engage an air conditioning expert early

Many builders make the mistake of treating air conditioning as “just another subcontractor” who they can call in at any stage of the construction process.

If you ask us, this is the wrong way to go about things.

Many times, we’ve been called to a newly built home or shop not because their air conditioning is broken already, but because the property has been supplied with a system that’s simply not appropriate for the build.

And in most cases, this is because an air conditioning team wasn’t brought in early enough.

System design is crucial for effective cooling

The reason is simple: the optimal cooling solution needs to be designed from the ground-up.

You can’t just drop-in an air conditioning system – the cooling system at your new build needs to account for:

  • Room volume
  • Insulation
  • Windows
  • Intended use
  • Appliances and fixtures
  • Installation feasibility

Each of these can have a tangible impact on not just the building process, but also on how effective your cooling system is once it’s finally installed.

Needless to say, the system design stage needs to be done perfectly.

Unfortunately, as we mentioned above, many builders don’t consider air conditioning early enough.

The consequences of not bringing on an expert

As Brisbane’s premier air conditioning team, we’ve been called in to many a newly-constructed home or commercial property by exasperated owners who’ve found out that their air conditioner:

In many cases, we’re called upon to perform air conditioning replacement – a process that’s time-consuming, disruptive and often expensive.

And to think, this all could have been avoided if we were brought on early enough to spot the problem before construction began in earnest!

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Tri-Tech is involved from day one

In addition to carrying out air conditioning installation for new builds in Brisbane, our team work with builders from the very beginning.

We collaborate with architects, other contractors, electricians and structural engineers, contributing our unique experience and knowledge to your project.

For example, we might:

  • Propose cooling solutions that fit the client’s needs
  • Veto ideas that might be unfeasible or lead to unexpected delays
  • Budget for air conditioning installation
  • Identify installation challenges and potential workarounds

In particular, we can also assist architects by providing appropriate cooling solutions.

For example, a client may want a vaulted ceiling in their home, and isn’t satisfied with a split system.

In this case, we may propose a small-duct cooling system like AirSmart Venturi.

That’s just one example of how our unique air conditioning knowledge can save your building project – not to mention, it’s another reason you should bring on an air conditioning expert as early as possible!

Not just new housing projects…

Over the years, we’ve worked on all sorts of new builds.

In addition to air conditioning installation for new housing projects, Tri-Tech’s Brisbane-based air conditioning team have also worked on many large commercial properties too!

We’re talking about large buildings such as:

  • Schools
  • Office buildings
  • Factories
  • Hospitals

Are you building a large commercial property? Will a standard split system or ducted cooling system simply not cut it?

Tri-Tech can install powerful industrial-scale air conditioning for large commercial properties with zoning for individual rooms. This ensures that everyone on your property is comfortable.

Not every air conditioning team in Brisbane can offer this type of service!

Air conditioning in Brisbane for new builds

Bring Tri-Tech into your building project!

Whether you’re building someone’s dream house or fitting out an office building, Tri-Tech ensures that your building project’s air conditioning aspect goes off without a hitch.

Operating since 1989, Tri-Tech has been in the air conditioning business for 30 years now.

During that time, we’ve been contracted in countless new builds all over Brisbane.

We don’t just bring our unmatched know-how and expertise to the table.

Our team also give you access to some of the world’s leading air conditioning brands – you won’t find any generic, no-name brands in any of the projects we are involved in!

Need air conditioning installation for your upcoming building project? Call Tri-Tech on (07) 3394 0222, or click here to touch base with us.

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