What’s involved in a split system air conditioner installation?

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Trying to understand the complexity of an air conditioning system before you upgrade or install one?

Installing a split system air conditioning is a great investment for your house. It will bring a refreshing breeze of fresh air into your home or commercial building, on demand, precisely when you need it.

There are many factors to consider when installing an air conditioning system and there’s never really a black and white answer for which system is best.

Taking into consideration your building including orientation, window size, and ceiling space, as well as your unique needs, Tri-Tech’s air conditioning experts use an air conditioning calculation formula to create a solution that best fits your requirements.

What is a split system air conditioner?

A split system air conditioning system is one that has an outdoor compressor connected to one indoor unit inside your home (or, in the case of a multi split system, multiple indoor units!)

Split systems differ from ducted aircon (also known as central AC) because they use pipes instead of ducts and have their own indoor units mounted on walls which can be individually controlled in each specific room.

On the other hand, ducted systems have an internal unit inside the ceiling and various vents to disperse air which are controlled via a single remote.

At what height should split AC be installed?

We all know hot air rises, therefore air conditioning installations in Brisbane are generally high up on your wall near your ceiling to absorb hot air and dispense cool air to the entire room.

Air conditioners shouldn’t be installed at a height that’s parallel to human activity, as this can be irritating and will make you unreasonably cold from direct exposure.

How much does it cost to install a split system air conditioner?

The price of aircon installation for a split system in your home depends on:

  • How many indoor units you want
  • How big your floor plan is
  • How much room your ceiling has
  • Where your outdoor compressor is located
  • What brand your air conditioner system is

A single split system requires less piping and copper tubing than a multi-split system.

Multi-splits have multiple units so will cost more for each unit. Speak to our air conditioning experts for a tailored quote today.

What is the minimum length of copper tube for split AC?

Copper tubing in popular brands, like a Mitsubishi aircon, is used to contain refrigerant as it moves through your system.

For a single split system, you will not need much copper piping. Generally, copper tubing comes in rolls of several feet.

This means one roll is often sufficient because a single split system will only need copper tubing from the outdoor compressor to the inside unit. In some cases, we try to keep these units as close as possible to keep costs down.

If you have a multi-split system, you will need a lot more copper tubing as the refrigerant will move throughout your ceiling to multiple internal units in these tubes as well.

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Where do you put a split system air conditioner?

The good thing about split systems is you can have only one unit in one room and then install additional indoor units to your system over time.

The lounge room is generally the most important room to have air conditioning because this is the room most people communally use.

The second most common room to have split system indoor units installed is in bedrooms.

Sleeping in humidity can be difficult, and having only a fan generally just moves around the air and doesn’t actually remove and replace the heat with cooler and more comfortable air.

You wouldn’t generally install split systems in a bathroom or kitchen. This is because you spend little time there and these rooms generally have fans and windows to disperse moisture and steam which an AC won’t work efficiently against.

If you’re wanting air conditioning in every room for your house or commercial property, even the bathroom or kitchen, you may be better off getting a ducted system; these systems are designed for whole-house heating and cooling.

Tri-Tech works with only the most reputable brands, including Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric. We are also proud Mitsubishi Diamond contractors.

Can I install my own split system air conditioner?

Only aircon professionals can install your system for you!

Installing your split system might seem relatively simple, but the fact of the matter is that only a professional expert has the intricate skill and knowledge to successfully install your system.

Installing any type of AC requires someone who is fully adept and confident in:

  • Connecting the piping, cables, and ducts to your outdoor and indoor units
  • Safely mounting the heavy internal units onto your walls
  • Connecting the copper tubing and refrigerant to each system
  • Configuring your outdoor compressor to expel heat
  • Implementing the production of cool air

Tri-Tech is a dedicated, reliable, friendly team who can install any type of AC system and help you maintain the efficiency of your air conditioning system to keep your family or employees comfortable all year long.

Call us today for a chat or request a free quote now and we’ll get back to you.

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