Summer’s coming: it’s time to service your ducted air conditioning!

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With summer rapidly approaching, your ducted air conditioning in Brisbane and beyond are is being dusted off in preparation for another sweltering Queensland summer.

Of course, after an entire season of inactivity, your air conditioning may not be in the best condition.

Regular air conditioning service is a crucial part of the home comfort equation.

To properly prepare your ducted air conditioning for summer, you may need to book a service to ensure that it’s ready to deal with the upcoming work.

Today, we’ll be explaining why!

Why you should get your air conditioning serviced now before the summer rush

If you’re like most people, that first hot day of the summer season will trigger a standard response; you’ll switch on your air conditioning and expect instant relief, but you may be met with a system that’s not quite working at its best.

So what you’ll do, like 90% of others, is call your local air conditioning specialist to book an appointment. But the issue is, you don’t want to wait long! The heat has already hit – you need urgent servicing.

The problem? Almost everyone else is thinking the same as you! That means service schedules are almost full, and you’d be lucky to get an appointment. 

That’s why we urge our customers to think ahead – book a scheduled service appointment before that first feel of summer truly hits, and beat the rush!

Contact Tri-Tech immediately on (07) 3394 0222 or fill in this form and we’ll get back to you soon!

What happens to your ducted air conditioning over winter?

Just think about all those times that you’ve stopped going to the gym and found yourself feeling bloated and sluggish as a result.

Your air conditioner is no different.

While most ducted air conditioning in Brisbane is designed to stay in good working order even as they hibernate during the winter, there’s still a chance you might run into…

Oil issues

Your air conditioning is a complex mechanical device full of different moving parts like pistons, valves, and bearings, all of which create a lot of friction and heat as it operates.

How does your ducted air conditioning stop this overheating and friction from becoming a major problem? With oil, that’s how.

Just like a car engine, oil is a crucial part of your ducted air conditioning system – specifically, it plays a crucial role in your compressor.

Oil is responsible for providing:

  • Lubrication
  • Cooling
  • Electrical insulation

After several months of inactivity, your compressor oil changes consistency, which in turn affects its ability to lubricate your unit.

Not to mention, oil can migrate when your air conditioning sits unused for months. As a result, your system may suffer from dry starts when you do start using it again (a problem that’s especially common in older systems).

This can lead to overheating and a host of other problems.

Undetected refrigerant leaks

When you use it daily, it’s pretty easy to notice air conditioning problems.

During that 3-month stretch where your ducted air conditioner sees minimal (if any) use, however? That’s a different story!

Let’s use refrigerant leaks as an example.

Over the summer, it’s pretty hard to miss the symptoms of an air conditioning leak. Weak cooling, strange hissing sounds, increased energy bills… all of these are signs you might need a refill.

During winter however, few of us use our air conditioners.

As a result, your refrigerant continues to leak out… only, you don’t notice until summer comes back and it’s all gone!

That’s just one example of how a problem can go undetected – or even get worse – over several months of inactivity.

Dust and grime build-up

During summer, your ducted air conditioner never really gets an opportunity to accumulate dust and debris.

Chances are, it will be running throughout the season, with cool air being delivered throughout your home or business.

As a result, dust and debris seldom gets an opportunity to settle before being lifted away and caught by air conditioning filters.

The problem is that during winter, ducted air conditioning in Brisbane see minimal use. As a result, all this dust and debris has time to settle.

In particular, it tends to accumulate over the condenser coil, which reduces heat transfer and increases energy consumption.

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Preventing ducted air conditioning issues

So you’re worried your ducted air conditioning may run into one (or more) of these issues over winter, without you even realising it.

Luckily, there are a couple of things you can do to minimise the risk…

Tip #1: run your air conditioning periodically throughout winter

If your ducted air conditioning system is also capable of providing heating, you can skip past this section.

If not however, we suggest running your air conditioning periodically during winter!

Before you start panicking, hear us out. We aren’t saying that you need to freeze during winter – rather, we’re simply saying that when the weather permits, you should periodically run your air conditioner on “fan only” mode.

Essentially, your air conditioner will run without bringing the temperature down. This allows your ducted cooling system to keep the oil running.

It can also help to lift dirt, dust and debris before they start settling in your ductwork and compressor.

Tip #3: book an air conditioning service… before summer starts

Before summer really hits, we strongly recommend booking your air conditioning service in Brisbane.

Not only will this help keep your ducted air conditioning in good working order, but it can also help determine whether your system is ready for summer after several months of inactivity.

During an air conditioning inspection, our mobile tech team can identify and fix all of these issues, ensuring you can confidently enter summer without having to worry about any unwanted discomfort.

Not to mention, spring is one of the best times to get your air conditioning inspected – many homeowners wait until summer is in full swing before thinking about their ducted cooling. By that time, a long queue has formed!

Beat the rush (and summer) – get your ducted air conditioning inspected today!

How can servicing improve performance?

Preventative maintenance and servicing can save you money in the long run, helping to identify smaller problems before they escalate into larger, costly, and time-wasting issues!

Ongoing servicing, inspections, and cleans can also prolong the lifespan of your unit. 

Servicing involves cleaning the coils, fan blades and filters, as well as checking the refrigerant levels and electrical connections. This helps to ensure that your air conditioner is running efficiently and reduces the risk of breakdowns.

In addition, servicers can often spot small problems before they escalate into larger ones. For example, a dirty filter may cause your air conditioner to overheat, but with regular professional cleaning, this could be prevented.

In short, regular servicing is essential for keeping your air conditioner in excellent working order!


How do I take care of my air conditioner in the summer?

OK – so summer has hit, and your split or ducted air conditioner is working hard most days keeping you and your family comfortable. 

There are two main tips you can follow to ensure a smooth, effective, and efficient system to carry you through our long hot summer:

  • Be sure to regularly check and clean the filters. Clogged filters can reduce airflow and put strain on the device.
  • Keep the area around the air conditioner clear of debris such as leaves and dirt. These can clog up the unit and prevent it from working properly. 

Problems with your ducted air conditioning in Brisbane?

Don’t sweat it… Tri-Tech it! 

With 30 years of experience under our belts, we’re Brisbane’s premier team for air conditioning installation and servicing.

Our expertise extends beyond installing ducted air conditioning Brisbane – over the years, we’ve worked with cooling systems of all shapes and sizes, from all sorts of different brands.

As such, we’re intimately familiar with the problems that might pop up in your ducted air conditioning system following half a year of inactivity.

Not only that, we can also resolve these issues for you, ensuring that you can experience powerful and effective cooling the moment you turn your system on.

No need to worry about your ducted air conditioning failing you just as summer hits!

Get your cooling inspected today – if you need help with your commercial or domestic air conditioners in Brisbane, give Tri-Tech’s experienced team a call today on (07) 3394 0222, or click here to get in touch!

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