Split system or ducted air conditioning: which is best for your home?

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So you’ve decided that your home needs a new air conditioning system. No doubt, there are dozens of questions in your head right now:

  • How much will it cost?
  • Which system is most energy-efficient?
  • How long will installation take?

And perhaps most importantly, which system is most suitable for your home?


What should you choose for your new air conditioning installation: a split or ducted system?

When it comes to air conditioning, there are 2 main types of systems:

Split system air conditioning

Split system air conditioners consist of two parts: a wall-mounted unit that cycles cool air into your home and an external box that expels warm air from your home.

In our experience, they’re easily most common types of air conditioning systems in Brisbane homes… and it’s not hard to see why. They’re:

  • Cost-efficient to buy and install
  • Less expensive to run
  • Flexible and versatile air con systems

Ducted air conditioning systems

Of course, that’s not to say that ducted systems aren’t worth considering!

While more common in commercial buildings like office towers, ducted air conditioning systems can be found in larger homes in Brisbane and around Australia.

Unlike split systems, ducted systems offer much greater coverage. Ducts in very room of the house allow you to cool your entire home from top-to-bottom, all from a central control panel.

Which one’s better?

Truth be told, there’s no clear-cut answer to this question. It’s apples and oranges – both work differently and offer their own strengths for your unique needs.

Rather, a better question would be “when is it better to choose a split air conditioner system, and when is it better to go ducted?”


Choose split system air conditioning if:

Your budget is tight

While there are plenty of schemes out there to lessen the impact on your wallet, air conditioner installation is still an impactful modifications you can make to your home.

As the cheaper option by far, a split system wins hands-down.

You only need a handful of rooms covered

Do you use every single room in your home equally?

We’re pretty sure most would answer with “no, not really.”

Sometimes, the coverage offered by a ducted system is simply not required. If all you need is your living room and bedroom cooled, then a split system (or even a multi-split system) is more than suitable!

You live in a small home

Not all of us live in mansions. A single split system might be strong enough to cool your entire home if you live in an apartment or small home.

You live in an older home

On a related note, not all of us live in brand-new, modern homes either! While Brisbane doesn’t hold a candle to Europe’s cities and towns age-wise, there are still plenty of people still living in older homes.

Ducted air conditioning installation may require some larger ceiling modifications to fit air conditioning ducts. In many cases, older homes simply can’t handle the stress that comes with ducted installation.

Split systems on the other hand are much gentler on your home, and can be quickly installed. This makes them perfect for older homes.


Choose a ducted air conditioning system if:

You have a large home

While house sizes are trending down again, Aussie homes are still the world’s second largest, beaten only by the US.

Maintaining each of those rooms at a constant temperature is challenging when you rely on split systems. Ducted air conditioners on the other hand allow for complete coverage – perfect for homeowners with larger properties.

You’re worried about power bills

Sure, ducted cooling systems can cost more up-front than a split system. But in most cases, ducted systems can be cheaper in the long-run!

With a single unit powering everything, a ducted cooling system can end up being cheaper over time. If you worry about your power bills and aren’t afraid of shelling out more upfront, ducted cooling might be for you.

Appearance matters

Appearances matter. After all, it’s your house – not only will you live in it, but you’ll also be entertaining guests. It’s only natural to want your home to look fantastic!

Unlike split systems, ducted cooling sits flush with your ceiling, eliminating the need for wall-mounted units.

You want complete control over every room in the home

One of the big draws of ducted cooling is the power to maintain a constant temperature throughout your entire home.

Better yet, many newer ducted systems feature zoning, allowing for even greater control: you can choose to keep certain parts of your home warmer or cooler, thus saving energy cooling unused rooms, resulting in lower power bills!


air conditioning in Brisbane

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