3 Incentives that Reduce the Expense of Air Conditioning Installation

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Air conditioners are a godsend during the sweltering summer months. It’s no surprise that the rate of air conditioner usage has skyrocketed in the last twenty or so years, going from one quarter of all Aussie households to three in four households.

We’re excited to share three great incentives designed to get Queensland homeowners just like you thinking about air conditioning installation brisbane NOW, rather than waiting until the temperatures start to climb.

Thinking about air conditioning installation in Brisbane?

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Partner with Tri-Tech for expert air conditioning installation or replacement during these quieter winter months, and let’s find out if you can take advantage of one of these great incentives.

Air conditioning installation Brisbane

Queensland energy efficient appliance rebate

It’s not just the greenies that benefit from energy-efficient appliances – you stand to significantly lessen your quarterly power bill, too!

Installing new energy-efficient appliances just got a whole lot more enticing thanks to the Queensland government’s Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate.

As of 1st January 2018, the Queensland government is offering:

  • $200 back for an energy-efficient washing machine
  • $250 back for an energy-efficient refrigerator
  • $300 back for an energy-efficient air conditioner

In order for an appliance to qualify for the rebate, it needs to have a minimum 4-star energy rating. Fortunately, that describes most new appliances nowadays – they’ve even had to introduce a 10-star energy rating just to keep up with technology!

Act quick to claim this rebate!

If you want to capitalise on this rebate, you’ll want to get in fast. While the $20 million allocated to this scheme might seem like a lot, once this figure runs out, the scheme will end. As a result, rebates are being offered on a first come, first served basis – you’ll want to get in fast.

Additional conditions include:

  • You must provide a proof of purchase
  • The rebate is limited to 1 per household
  • Free-standing and portable ACs are excluded
  • Strictly residential air conditioning

Thinking about air conditioning installation in Brisbane? Find out whether your prospective system is eligible for the rebate. Want to talk to a skilled technician? Give our Tri-Tech team a call on (07) 3394 0222.


Purchase an eligible Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning unit to claim an Eftpos voucher up to $400

We’ve already talked at length about Mitsubishi Electric’s Bonus Eftpos Gift Card promotion.

If you missed that post however, then you’ll be pleased to hear that when you purchase any eligible Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning system between 1st April and 31st July 2018, you’re eligible to receive a bonus Eftpos gift card.

All you need is a scanned copy of your purchase receipt, your air conditioner model and serial number. Depending on your model, you could receive a gift card worth between $100 and $400.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a giveaway without conditions. Luckily, these ones are pretty straightforward:

  • Offer applies to eligible Mitsubishi Electric models (view the full list here)
  • The offer is limited to 3 gift cards per household
  • The unit must be paid for in full before 31st July 2018
  • Your claim must be submitted before 31st August 2018
  • The deal only applies to AC systems purchased for residential use

For a full list of eligible units and how much you stand to receive, talk to Tri-Tech’s Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealers. Call now on (07) 3394 0222 or contact us here.

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PeakSmart cashback program

What is peak demand?

Before we explain this great incentive, we need to explain peak demand (aka peak load).

Think of peak demand as “rush hour” for the electricity grid.

Our roads freeways grind to a halt as everyone goes to and from work at the same time, and the same happens to our power grid.

On particularly hot days, the power grid can struggle to keep up as everyone turns their air conditioners on at the same time.

Not only does peak demand make our electrical network less efficient, but it also jacks up power bills, as new electrical infrastructure needs to be constructed to keep up.

And those new transmission lines, transformers and power plants need to be paid for somehow!

PeakSmart cashback offer

Developed by Energex, PeakSmart aims to reduce your energy bill and minimise the strain on our power grid by capping your air conditioner during periods of peak demand.

Customers who install a PeakSmart air conditioner or fit it into an existing system (and who live in one of these areas) can claim up to $400 back depending on the cooling capacity of your system:

  • Systems below 4kW earn you back $100
  • Systems between 4kW and 10kW receive $200
  • Systems greater than 10kW will receive $400 back

Bear in mind that starting from 1st July 2018, the incentive on systems below 4kW air conditioners will no longer be offered, so you’ll want to move fast if you want to cash in!

You can find out whether your air conditioner is PeakSmart-compatible here. Have other questions about the program? We are here to help! Give our friendly tech team a call today on (07) 3394 0222.

Need air conditioning installation in Brisbane? Talk to a cooling expert!

So there you have it: three incentives that can make the dream of a cooler house just that little bit more affordable.

Of course, before applying for any of these incentives, you’ll need someone to install your system first!

When it comes to air conditioning installation in Brisbane (or beyond), give Tri-Tech a call.

Our highly skilled mobile tech team works with Australia’s leading brands, and are committed to helping you get the perfect air conditioning setup for your home.

If you need a professional’s insight, give us a call on (07) 3394 0222 or click here for a free quote!


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