Busted! 4 common HVAC myths to know for your air conditioning Brisbane

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The internet is a great tool for spreading information. However, as we’ve found out recently it’s also a powerful tool for misinformation. Specifically, it’s  given old air conditioning and HVAC myths a new lease on life.

If you ask our team, air conditioning is a must-have for Brisbane homeowners and businesses.

With Brisbane’s year round mild temperatures, the benefits of air conditioning installation really is a no-brainer.

However, just like any other topic to ever exist, our industry has been plagued with myths!

Have you fallen for one of these common air conditioning myths? If so, it’s time to set the record straight and ensure you’ve got the right information when it comes to creating a customised HVAC or air conditioning system for your unique needs. Read on to learn more from our air conditioning team in Brisbane.


Myth #1: HVAC and air conditioning are the same things

While all HVAC systems are air conditioners, not all air conditioners are HVAC systems.

Standing for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, HVAC systems combine air conditioning with heating.

They’re much more versatile as a result – on top of cooling your home or business in summer, they can also warm you up during winter.

Don’t worry, we understand where the confusion comes from – most people use them interchangeably since many aircon installation Brisbane use HVAC nowadays.

HVAC systems kill two birds with the one stone. If you need both cooling and heating for your home or business, HVAC is just what you need.

Think of HVAC as a more industrial-level heating and cooling system.

The system that powers a home or smaller office is typically a traditional air conditioning system (whether that’s a split system, ducted, or otherwise).

Myth: busted


Myth #2: HVAC is only available in ducted air conditioning systems

While this may have been the case a couple of decades ago, in truth this hasn’t applied for years now.

The reason this myth exists is because many older HVAC systems used a boiler or furnace to power the heating part of the system. And well, it’s a bit hard to cram a furnace into a wall-mounted A/C cassette!

Technological advances however mean that nowadays, heating functionality can squeezed into split system air conditioners. Many split systems double-up as heaters by simply reversing the process they use for cooling.

In some cases, even window-mounted units can offer heating (though we don’t recommend it, since “window rattlers” aren’t very powerful or cost-effective!)

Myth: busted

Workers making final touches to HVAC system. HVAC system stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology. Team work, HVAC, indoor environmental comfort concept photo.

Myth #3: Panel location doesn’t matter

While this myth is on its way out, it still pops up from time-to-time.

In particular, we’re referring to the misconception that it doesn’t really matter where the thermostat for your HVAC system is placed.

This is wrong – especially if you own a two-storey home.

Your thermostat contains the thermometer that controls and automates your HVAC system. As such, its location determines when your HVAC system triggers.

This can cause it to turn on and shut down early (or late).

Upstairs rooms are warmer than downstairs rooms – if your thermostat is upstairs, your HVAC system might leave people on the ground floor without heating for longer than needed! This can really impact your system’s efficiency.

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways round this:

  • Moving the thermostat to a neutral location
  • Getting thermostats on both floors
  • Zoning your air conditioning and HVAC systems

Myth: busted


Myth #4: Your air conditioning can be converted into HVAC

Unfortunately, the technology’s not quite there yet. For the foreseeable future, this myth will continue to be just that – a myth.

That’s because air conditioning systems are wired to work one way. There’s no way to reverse them and add heating that way – it’s physically impossible.

And even if it were, the amount of work needed to retrofit air conditioning systems with heating functionality is just too much.

Even putting in systems to reverse the cooling process and provide heating that way involve way too many new ducts, wiring, cutting and fans to make it feasible.

Myth: busted


Choose Tri-Tech for air conditioning installation in Brisbane

At Tri-Tech, our local air con team provides a wide range of installation services for an equally broad range of air conditioning systems.

And that includes HVAC systems.

We work with these systems on a daily basis, meaning we’re in a great spot to set the record straight.

Whether your project is a home renovation or a large-scale construction projects, our technicians are the go-to team for air conditioning Brisbane and the surrounds.

Our goal is to ensure not only your comfort through the sweltering summer months, but more importantly, to ensure you get the right system – whether that’s a custom HVAC system or a couple of split systems – for your unique business or home needs.

Find out how by calling us today – we can be reached on (07) 3394 0222.

Alternatively, fill in this form and we’ll be in touch!

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