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With power bills on the rise and increasing environmental awareness, it’s no surprise that energy-efficiency is on everybody’s lips.

And let’s face it: old and outdated air conditioners from our past use up a lot of energy.

So when it comes to energy-efficiency, it makes sense to start saving electricity by taking a look at your air conditioner!

Today, we’ll be running through some of the most common ways your air conditioning system might be wasting money.

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Your air conditioner simply isn’t very energy-efficient

Let’s start with the obvious problem: namely, that your air conditioning system simply isn’t very energy-efficient.

This problem is especially common in older air conditioning systems. The old-fashioned “window rattlers” that you’ll find in many Brisbane homes are especially inefficient.

However, even older split and ducted cooling systems may also present efficiency problems, especially if they were built before the ENERGY STAR® system was implemented. They may use less efficient refrigerant, or obsolete cooling techniques.

All of this means higher energy-use and a higher electricity bill!

Long-term, it might be time to start thinking about air conditioning replacement.


Your system is too small

At Tri-Tech, we put a lot of focus on proper air conditioning system design. This is the first step in any air conditioning installation we attend.

The reason it’s so important is because having a HVAC system that’s too small (or too large, for that matter) can negatively impact the quality of cooling you enjoy.

Say you have a big room – you need an air conditioning system that’s powerful enough to keep everyone comfy. An inefficient or smaller system will struggle to keep a large space comfortable.

And that means it’ll have to run harder and longer to keep up, which directly translates into a higher energy bill.

Not to mention, running your A/C that hard can result in premature wear, necessitating more regular servicing – just another unnecessary expense to add to the pile.

Once again, air conditioning replacement is the only feasible course of action in this situation – there’s only so much you can do if your air conditioner is simply underpowered for the room it’s installed in.

Air conditioning replacement

Coolant leaks

Refrigerant and coolant are key to the air conditioning process. Without them, all you’re essentially left with a big, overly-complex fan!

Coolant leaks are more than just an annoyance – they can compromise air conditioner performance and efficiency (see above).

Worst of all, in our experience, the vast majority of leaks occur in the outdoor units. This can make them hard to detect, meaning you might be wasting hours of electricity with nothing to show for it.

Toss in the fact that coolant can be expensive to replace depending on the exact type of refrigerant your system uses, and it’s not hard to see how a simple leak can cost you.


You’re cooling unnecessary rooms

If you use a multi-split system or ducted cooling system with zoning, we suggest zoning everything so that certain rooms such as formal dining rooms or spare bedrooms aren’t filled with unnecessary cooling.

Before you start protesting, think of this: how often do you actually use these rooms?

Odds are, the answer will be “not very often”.

So do you really need to cool these rooms down if you aren’t going to use them?

By shutting off or zoning away cooling to these rooms, you may be able to save yourself a considerable amount of power – and by extension, money.

So you have a ducted cooling system and you don’t have zoning. That’s actually not a problem at all – did you know that you can retrofit it after-the-fact?

Thanks to MyAir, you can have up to 10 air conditioning zones refitted to your existing A/C system.

What’s more, you can also have temperature and activity sensors installed in each zone, meaning you won’t even have to manually set airflow – if your system detects that a particular zone isn’t being used, it’ll automatically shift to low-power mode for those particular rooms.


Tri-Tech: the experts in air conditioning in Brisbane

Experiencing bill shock? Your old, outdated, and inefficient air conditioning system might be one of the worst culprits!

Luckily, air conditioning replacement and upgrades may be able to help you bring down your power bill for good.

If you want long-lasting, some of these fixes will require the help of a professional!

We work with some of Australia’s favourite air conditioning brands. In addition to working with some of the best brands in the business, we perform high-quality work – all backed by 30 years of experience.

In addition to air conditioning replacement, our local team also perform:

No matter your needs, if it involves air conditioning in Brisbane, Tri-Tech can help!

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