How to increase the efficiency of your air con: 4 must-know tips

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Summer’s here, and with that comes increased demand for air conditioning in Brisbane.

And that, in turn, comes with a higher energy bill!

It seems that no matter what you do, your energy bills keep rising. No doubt, you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to bring down your energy usage.

So why not start with one of the biggest offenders, your air conditioning?

Whatever type of air conditioning you have at home, be it split, ducted, window or multihead,  there are plenty of things you can do to reduce your reliance on them, and with that, how much energy you consume over the summer.

Stop paying too much, and start saving – here are some ways you can run your air conditioning system more efficiently this summer!

How to increase the efficiency of your air conditioning

Lift the burden of paying high electricity bills and lift the strain off your unit to ensure it runs more smoothly and efficiently.

Do you depend on your air conditioning unit to stay cool during summer? Follow these tips to ensure comfort throughout Brisbane’s scorching heat.

1) Keep your air conditioning unit out of the sun’s rays

Did you know? The location of your AC could affect its energy usage!

Both ducted and wall-mounted systems alike feature an outdoor unit that does most of the heavy lifting (this is where the term ‘split system’ comes from), as well as an indoor component.

When this outdoor part of the air conditioning system is exposed directly to the sun, the all-important coolant may not function as well, leading to increased energy usage.

Luckily, there are ways to counter this. If your outdoor unit is directly exposed to the sun, consider putting up a shade covering to reduce the sun’s effect.

2) Clean and check your filters regularly

Ideally, this should happen at least once a year!

The reason is simple: dirty filters for dirt build up. Poor maintenance on your unit will make it less efficient, as much of the cool air it’s pumping out is literally being blocked.

As such, the system will have to work overtime to compensate for the blockage.

Noticed your bill is getting a little too high for comfort?

Have your unit checked by a certified air conditioning service company – we’ll identify and clean blockages, allowing you to enjoy more efficient cooling.

3) Check what type of system you have

When it comes to air conditioning in Brisbane, there are two basic operating types: evaporative and refrigerated.

It’s important you know which principle your system uses, as it can affect your energy usage – simply put, both of these systems are used differently. If you’re using your system the wrong way, you could be wasting energy.

For refrigerated cooling, you need to keep your doors and windows closed. This stops cool air from escaping (and hot air coming in!), and creates a cumulative cooling effect where cool air is cooled even further as it’s cycled again.

By contrast, evaporative cooling operates on a different principle that requires warm air to be pushed outside. These systems need windows to be open, otherwise warm air gets trapped inside and your system has to work overtime to compensate (thus wasting energy).

That’s why it’s so important you know what type of system your home or business uses!

Learn about the differences between evaporative and refrigerated cooling.

Try to minimise running your air conditioning at the same time as other appliances

When your air conditioner is on, try to avoid using other high-powered appliances.

Washing machines, dryers, oven, dishwashers… each of these appliances generate heat, which in turn means more work for your air conditioning.

Electricity bill calculator

Energy bill paper forms on the table closeup

Is it time to upgrade your air conditioner?

Sometimes, drastic action is needed!

Old air conditioners aren’t as efficient as newer ones – it’s as simple as that.

Not only do older systems wear out and not work as effectively, but they also lack crucial energy-saving features that come as standard in modern systems such as VRF/VRV, zone control and PeakSmart.

Luckily, these features can often be retrofitted into existing air conditioning systems, allowing you to enjoy years of savings going forward.

Another thing to consider is the cost of air conditioning repairs in Brisbane.

Eventually, your old system will reach a point where it’s cheaper to opt for a completely new system instead of maintaining an old one:

  • Faults occur more frequently, necessitating more frequent air conditioning repairs
  • Spare parts become rarer, and the few that remain are more expensive as a result
  • It can be more difficult to find an air conditioning specialist who understands how your system works
  • Warranties expire, meaning you’ll have to pay full price to fix faults

All of this adds up!

Looking to save money? If so, an air conditioning upgrade or replacement might be necessary.

Our team collaborates with you to ensure that you get the best upgrade solution – one that gives you the best bang for your buck.

Where possible, we’ll retrofit your existing system with energy-saving features, and when upgrading, we make sure to reuse as much existing infrastructure as possible.

When it comes to air conditioning in Brisbane, you want only the best!

We don’t just mean the best in terms of cooling power, either – it’s important that your system is as energy-efficient as possible.

These tips can help you run your system more efficiently – if you’re looking for more permanent solutions however, our team is ready to help.

Our goal is to look after your comfort and your wallet. Talk to our mobile tech team today for expert advice and a more energy-efficient system.

Contact the experts in air conditioning in Brisbane. Give us a call at (07) 3394 0222 or reach out online to start talking to us today.

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