4 unexpected benefits of air conditioning installation in Brisbane

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Ah, air conditioning: where would we be without it?

A lot hotter, sweatier and less comfortable, that’s for sure!

Just imagine sweltering through a Brisbane summer without air conditioning keeping you fresh – we’ll pass, thank you very much.

Cooling has made our lives so much more comfortable – however, that isn’t the only benefit of air conditioning installation in Brisbane.

If you ask us, air conditioning is a bit of an underappreciated invention in the sense that many of the other ways it’s benefited society often go completely unnoticed.

What other types of benefits have the residents of Brisbane seen thanks to air conditioning installation?

1) An increase in business activity

It’s a hot summer’s day, and the house is positively sweltering. Worse, you don’t have an air conditioning system (or just as bad: your system is underpowered).

“Forget it,” you think to yourself, “I’m getting out of the house”.

You get changed and drive down to the nearest place with air conditioning to kill time – for most people, that’s their local shopping centre or a nearby restaurant.

With 24/7 climate-control and powerful cooling systems, shopping centres and restaurants are the natural destination for those without air conditioning at home. You might think you’re heading out of the house purely to kill some time, but let’s be honest – you’re likely going to make at least one purchase when you’re at a shopping centre, right?

Another popular place you’ll find people when the mercury soars? The cinema!

So is it any wonder that retailers and hospitality businesses often report a spike in business during the warmer seasons?

(Of course, this all could have been avoided with air conditioning installation in Brisbane!)

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2) Improved health

Air quality is paramount at many locations – hospitals and schools in particular.

That’s because in addition to cooling the air, air conditioning also cleans it.

When air is cycled through an air conditioning system, it is first filtered, with contaminants such as pollen and dust mites removed from the air.

This can help relieve respiratory conditions and asthma by improving air quality.

However, this isn’t the only way in which air conditioning can improve health – did you know that air conditioning can protect your health simply by being on?

Temperature has a surprising effect on your health. Being too hot or too cold expends energy and can fatigue your immune system – not to mention, unpredictable fluctuations in temperature can also make you more vulnerable to illness.

By maintaining a consistent, comfortable temperature in your home or business, you minimise this risk.

3) Controlled humidity

While we have it listed here as a fringe benefit, the truth is that dehumidification was the reason the world’s very first air conditioner was commissioned.

How so? Well, rather than provide cooling, the first air conditioners were actually intended to remove humidity from factories in the early 1900s.

When people noticed that they also cooled the area however, air conditioning took off.

Today, air conditioning still performs its original role of removing humidity – many systems even come with settings that allow you to remove humidity without using cooling.

By removing humidity, you’re also removing many of the airborne contaminants that thrive in humid air, such as bacteria and microorganisms.

(And with how humid Brisbane can get, this is a major consideration).

Of course, there’s also the opposite problem: too little humidity! Air that’s too dry can aggravate skin conditions, as well as dry out the sinuses.

Ideally, you’ll want to keep humidity at a comfortable 30-50% – which you can with customised air conditioning installation in Brisbane.

4) Increased productivity

Here’s something we bet you didn’t know: did you know that air conditioning can actually improve performance at the workplace?

Oh, we aren’t just talking about jobs that involve physical labour, either – even mostly sedentary roles can be impacted by a lack of cooling.

Just picture yourself sweltering while at work – even office work becomes uncomfortable. 

And when you aren’t comfortable, you certainly aren’t going to be working at your best.

Whether it’s an office, retail store or factory, the right temperature is crucial.

According to some studies, mental performance goes down as the temperature rises – others suggest that complex tasks are impaired, especially once the mercury climbs above 30ºC.

What’s more, temperature can also indirectly result in errors, or worse, workplace accidents. 

That’s because heat can impair focus and attention to detail – not a good combo if your business requires staff to maintain a high level of alertness.

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about how air conditioning can create a more productive workplace – click here to read our previous write-up on the topic.

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Call Tri-Tech for air conditioning installation in Brisbane

As Brisbanites of all stripes know, air conditioning is a must-have to get through our hot summers.

Make no mistake, air conditioning installation in Brisbane has the potential to improve your comfort, productivity, and in a way, your overall quality of life – in fact, it likely already has!

Of course, we can’t overlook the big one: how air conditioning installation in Brisbane helps you stay cool throughout the sweltering hot summers we get in Queensland.

Don’t sweat it – Tri-Tech it!

Whether it’s repairs, upgrades to an old system, or installation, our team is up to the task.

Our mission is to help you enjoy all the benefits of air conditioning – and we mean all of them.

Our technicians are experienced, highly-qualified and above all else, exceptionally good at what they do! 

We combine expert system design with a wide variety of leading brands including Mitsubishi, Daikin and more, all of which ensures you get the best air conditioning installation in Brisbane.

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