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Sometimes, a warm day sneaks up on you during the middle of winter and knocks you around a little bit. 

At first, we enjoy the temporary sun… but as the heat rises it can get slightly unpleasant.

Just slightly, though – certainly not quite hot enough to justify turning on your air conditioner.

For these scenarios, air conditioning installation in Brisbane isn’t your only option for staying cool – you can always turn to passive cooling!

Don’t know what passive cooling is? Our air con installers break it down.

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What is passive cooling?

Like the name suggests, passive cooling refers to non-mechanical cooling techniques – that means air conditioners and fans don’t count.

The vast majority of passive cooling techniques are built-in to a property, and need to be worked into the blueprints. It’s very hard to retrofit certain passive cooling techniques into your home.

Even if you didn’t quite know what passive cooling was, it’s likely you’re familiar with examples of it! They include:


Large windows that get a lot of sunlight are a big problem for houses. Many architects understand this, and design homes in ways that maximise passive cooling.

Number one: planting trees.

Landscapers or architects will strategically position garden beds and trees near sun-facing windows to increase shade and thereby reduce the amount of heat that makes its way in.

Don’t worry, it isn’t too late – it is possible to plant mature trees if you want to enjoy the benefits of shade.

Other houses use window shades to keep the heat outside of your house, such as hood awnings and even exterior roller blinds.

Double-glazed windows

Some architects and builders opt to preserve the view and install double glazed windows instead.

These incredible inventions stop the heat from ever getting into your home. They operate by using two panes of glass, with an air vacuum between the two.

What some installers will do is substitute the vacuum for gas such as argon, which reduces heat gain.


The best way to keep your home cool? To stop heat from seeping in in the first place!

That’s why insulation and other building materials are so important. The materials and insulation used in construction influence how much heat is absorbed, and how much is reflected away.

For example, metal is surprisingly thermal efficient, as it reflects sunlight and much of the accompanying heat away.

Other examples of passive cooling

With energy efficiency and environmental friendliness increasingly on people’s minds, it’s little wonder that we’re seeing a renaissance in passive cooling techniques!

Our aircon installers in Brisbane have worked on many a construction project. Some of the innovative techniques we’ve seen in use include:

  • Ventilation
  • Heat sinks
  • Advances in materials
  • Innovative blocking

aircon installers

Examples of passive cooling in action

Each of the aforementioned passive cooling techniques can be found in just about any house, and can help homes and commercial spaces across Brisbane enjoy an even more effective and efficient air conditioning system.

But what if you live in an older house?

Retrofitting these features into an existing house can be difficult and pricey, to say the very least. With the amount of money needed, opting instead for air conditioning installation in Brisbane would be a much wiser investment!

There are, however, a couple of ways you can passively cool down your home…

Curtains and blinds

These are one of the simplest ways to control the temperature in your home. If it’s getting a little warm, just pull the curtains down!

Installing thick curtains can make your home significantly cooler by blocking sunlight and absorbing heat before it dissipates throughout the rest of your home.

If you’re really into the idea of using curtains to block out the heat – there are thermal curtains available that are made specifically to keep out heat.

Crack open a window

Getting a little warm inside? Crack open a window and let that fresh air in!

This is one of the simplest ways you can make things a bit more comfortable at home or at work.

In addition to letting a cool breeze in, it also helps warm air escape. We suggest cracking open windows on higher storeys for maximum effect, as heat travels upwards.


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Passive cooling is an important part of the cooling equation.

However, if you ask us, while these are powerful supports, air conditioning remains the most effective way to cool down your house.

Looking for air conditioning installation in Brisbane? Need an existing system repaired? Thinking about updating your home cooling system?

If it involves air conditioning, you need Tri-Tech’s aircon installers in Brisbane!

Passive cooling helps you manage with those slightly warmer than expected days. But the true power has and always will lie in tailored air conditioning solutions created for your specific needs.

Beat the summer rush and get your air conditioning repaired, installed, or replaced NOW – our air conditioning experts prepare you for those sweltering summer heatwaves. We work with Australia and the world’s most trusted brands, including Daikin, Mitsubishi, and MyAir Air Conditioning.

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