Why do builders choose Tri-Tech for air conditioning installation in Brisbane?

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Why do so many builders choose Tri-Tech for air conditioning installation in Brisbane?

Builders are spoilt for choice when it comes to air conditioning. There are dozens of teams you can go to for air conditioning installation in our sunny city.

So why should you choose us over the competition? How do we make your proposal stand out to a client? Find out why you should Tri the best for your next project!


When it comes to air conditioning planning, we don’t cut corners

When putting together a proposal, you’re no conscious of the budget. You’re not alone; most clients are! It can be tempting to be attracted to the lowest bidder to secure a contract.

But remember, price isn’t everything.

Why should you never base a decision on price alone?

A lot of the cheaper air conditioning contractors are cutting corners somewhere, either by opting for lower quality air conditioning brands or rushing installation jobs, skipping the strategic planning.

By contrast, Tri-Tech Air Conditioning only works with Australia’s leading air conditioning brands including:

The build-quality offered by these brands and the manufacturer’s warranty they come with are powerful selling points.

Combine that with the Tri-Tech team’s trademark workmanship, and you have a very attractive proposal indeed! (We’ve also looked closely at the Mistubishi vs. Daikin battle)


Unique air conditioning systems

While any air conditioning team can perform air conditioning installation, not all of them have access to the same technology as we do!

We mentioned our list of reputable brands. It’s not just that, however – we also work with some of the latest bleeding-edge air conditioning technology.

One option that adds value to your proposal is climate control.

Instead of only being able to control your air conditioning from a central thermostat, climate control systems like MyAir let you take control of your air conditioning on the go.

Using the MyAir app on your phone or tablet, you can control the temperature of individual rooms remotely.

We also work with AirSmart, whose unique small duct air conditioning makes it possible for you to incorporate the power of ducted cooling into designs that otherwise wouldn’t be able to without major architectural changes.

Not only that, but it’s also more energy-efficient too!


Tailored system design

At Tri-Tech, we don’t just perform air conditioning installation – we also provide tailored system design.

What is system design? In a nutshell, it’s all about making sure that your client receives the perfect air conditioning system for:

  1. a) their unique needs and
  2. b) their unique building type and size

Other installers will just “eyeball it” and recommend a system they think is good enough – not great.

But not us.

We can sit down with your client and figure out exactly what they want from their air conditioning system.

During system design, Tri-Tech looks at a lot of different factors:

  • Room size and volume
  • Insulation
  • Window size
  • Room orientation
  • Appliances and electricity use
  • Budget

Not all air conditioning installers offer this level of personalised service. Luckily, we do!

Architectural plan and green pencil

We work around your proposal

You’ve spent a lot of time putting together a proposal. You’ve designed a building, determined the room layout, and meticulously created blueprints.

Everything’s coming together and you’re just about to send it off.

There’s just one problem: the client has changed the brief on you at the last minute!

Any builder has stories about clients deciding to change plans at the last moment. They might think their change is small, as they fail to realise the repercussions it’ll have for the rest of your strategy. We know that it can be frustrating having to redo so much of your work.

However, with Tri-Tech’s wealth of experience performing air conditioning installation in Brisbane, we know exactly what to do when plans change at the last minute – and we will always find the right solution!


We’re the guys on TV!

You might have spotted Tri-Tech’s van in Mitsubishi Electric’s latest national campaign – it’s a short video, but has a great story behind it…

The client in the video is a real-life Tri-Tech customer, and was so delighted with our team’s work that he contacted Mitsubishi Electric to let them know! Mitsubishi Electric then chose us (and our client!) to feature in their new TV spot.

Have you spotted us on your television screens? Watch the video below!

Air conditioning solutions that add real value to your proposals

Choose Tri-Tech for air conditioning installation in Brisbane for your new development

There are a lot of things you’ll need to think about when putting together a building proposal.

Materials, equipment, permits, OHS, all your trades… each is important and can be the cause of major drama.

Fortunately, when you have Tri-Tech working with you on your proposal, you won’t have to worry about air conditioning being one of them!

Our mobile tech team specialises in air conditioning installation in Brisbane – and beyond.

From system design to installation and replacement, our team bring years of experience and know-how to your project.

Speak to a bona-fide air conditioning expert – get in touch with our team today by calling (07) 3394 0222, or click here to contact us online!

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