What are the key parts of a ducted air conditioning system?

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There are many types of air conditioning systems, such as multi split systems, single split systems, window/wall air conditioners, and portable air conditioning units.

Ducted air conditioning systems are a type of HVAC system that can be designed and adapted according to your home, budget, and particular cooling requirements.

If you are unsure about the right air conditioning system for your home, then it’s best to speak to an air conditioning expert about the benefits of each type before you decide.

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What are ducted air conditioning systems?

Ducted air conditioning systems are air conditioning systems that have several outlets in different rooms and spaces connected via internal ducts or ductwork.

These ducts are large, flexible cylinders that are generally fitted within your walls, ceiling, or under the floorboards.

Ducted air conditioning in Brisbane is different from single and multi split air conditioning systems, because the outlets don’t connect via refrigerant pipelines like split systems do.

Ducted air conditioning systems also have a single internal unit that controls temperature and initiates airflow.

What are the key functions of a ducted system?

Ducted air conditioning’s main benefit is that they cool down different rooms of your house, office, or commercial property. This is different to a single split system as they just cool down one room.

Ducted system’s air outlets generally come in the form of vents on the ceiling, wall, or floor, as opposed to multi split systems which entails an internal unit within each specific room that they cool

This means that ducted air conditioning systems have a less clunky, barely noticeable look in these rooms. It also means ducted air conditioning systems are less noisy.


What are the basic components of an air conditioning system?

Knowing about each individual component of ducted aircons in Brisbane is key to understanding how the overall system works.

Outdoor compressor unit

Both split and ducted air conditioning have an outdoor air compressor. This compressor is connected to the internal unit via condensate drain lines and a power cable.

The purpose of an outdoor air compressor is to pump refrigerant into the ductwork via a motorised system that creates energy.

Outdoor compressors also collect heat from your home and evaporate it.


The ducts, also called the ductwork, refers to the large pipes that connect different rooms to their air outlets.

These can vary in size depending on how big the indoor unit is, how powerful the system is, and how big the rooms are. For example, schools will have wider ducts to cool down spaces like school halls.

Ducts may be prone to damage which is one common fault we’ll look for when performing our ducted air conditioning repairs and inspections.

Overtime, ducts can pull away from the wall, leaving tiny gaps which decrease their overall efficiency.

Ducts can also get full of dust overtime, clogging them and impeding them from doing their job to the highest standard.

To prevent both of these situations, you need to get your system serviced at least once a year. If you’re concerned your system is damaged or simply isn’t working as well as it should be, speak to us about air conditioner repairs in Brisbane.


Whether you still use a portable or window/wall air con, or you have a split or ducted system, all air cons have filters that need to be cleaned regularly.

Filters for air cons are usually designed on a grill so that you can take them out and dust, wash, or replace them yourself. You should do this seasonally to avoid build-up and prolong the lifespan of your filters.

The outdoor air compressor has a filter, and if you can pull the vents out from your system, they will also have their own filter.

Every ducted system will have their own individual filters and it’s always best to contact the brand or read the original manual to see how to clean them properly.

Daikin vs Mitsubishi, for example, will have different filters, and even each model’s filters can vary just as much.

Indoor unit

Ducted air conditioning systems have an indoor central control unit with which you can adjust the temperature. These indoor units connect the outdoor compressor with the ducts.

To change the temperature, you’ll often either have a portable remote or some type of controller mounted on the wall.

Zone dampers

Zoned ducted air conditioning systems are a new ducted system in which you can adjust various temperatures in each room at any one time, all from the same system.

This works by having mechanical valves, called dampers, that are near each vent and can close and open depending on the temperature you are wanting for each room.

If you like the benefits of ducted air conditioning systems but still want the freedom to control different temperatures in each room, you should consider having a zoned ducted air conditioner installed in your home or workplace.

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Can you install ducted air conditioning yourself?

Aircon installation should never be done by yourself. You always need a licensed and certified air conditioning expert who has years of experience in air con installation, repair, service, and sales.

Tri-Tech’s mobile tech team can install, replace, and repair your ducted air conditioning system

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