Four tips to maintain your ducted air conditioner’s efficiency

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Is your air conditioning system not working as efficiently as it once did?

The problem might be simpler than you think: if you’ve never cleaned out your filter, vents, ducts, or condenser coil, then doing so could completely alter its efficiency and restore it to its former glory.

A lot of homeowners might not know the tips and tricks they can try in order to to affect how their HVAC system behaves. In this blog post, we’ll explain a few tricks you can do at home.

If you’re still having problems or think your system can be better optimised, then contact our specialised air conditioning service and repair experts. We offer fast solutions anywhere across Brisbane – our mobile tech team is ready to help!

What is a ducted air conditioning system?

First thing first: how does ducted air conditioning work?

A ducted air conditioning system is a HVAC system that brings cool air from its central temperature-control unit and delivers it to multiple rooms and areas of the house via internal ductwork in the ceiling or floors.

This differs from a split air conditioning system in which there is a different temperature-control unit in each room and people in that room can control different temperatures.

That being said, ducted air conditioning systems can now be cleverly programmed to offer zoned heating and cooling. This means that you can control the temperature in different rooms while still having one central control unit that brings cool air into each room.

If you want to have any of these types of air conditioning systems installed, you can call air conditioning experts such as Tri-Tech to install a system in your home. Alternatively, we can repair, service, or maintain a system you already have.

Reverse cycle technology simply means that a single system has the capacity and ability to both cool your home during summer and keep it warm during winter.

How do you clean a ducted air conditioner?

You need to be careful with how much you do to maintain your air conditioning in Brisbane versus what work an air conditioning expert should undertake for you.

You always need to be careful with DIY maintenance, as there is a risk of not only causing damage to the system, but injury to you or your family, too.

Cleaning some parts of an air conditioning is something you can do yourself most of the time, depending on how easy it is to remove and access the part.

There are four main parts of your system you should look at cleaning. If problems persist or you think the work involved is beyond your capacity, please reach out to our experts. We’re more than happy to assist!

#1 Clean the filter

A ducted air con in Brisbane has filters that are designed to be taken out, cleaned, and then put back by you.

In HVAC systems, filters are the disposable mesh grill generally found under the flap on the front of your central air conditioning unit.

Sometimes filters can slide out and sometimes they require screwing out.

To clean the filter, you can hose it or wash it in a basin, you can also use a duster or a cleaning tool specifically designed to clean filters.

Clean your filters at least once a year, or ideally, every six months. The easiest way to keep track is to clean them right before you head into the coldest and warmest part of the year.

Regular cleaning keeps your filters operating as they should, and can also reduce the risk of tears or other damage.

However, if the filters are too dirty or damaged, they will need to be replaced. Get in touch with us to learn more about filter replacement.

Dusting the filters helps prevent respiratory illness as dust can get into your lungs and affect your health. If you live with people who have asthma you should clean more regularly.

Never use a system without a filter as this can cause much bigger problems!

#2 Clean the condenser coil

The air conditioner’s coil is generally a big separate unit that sits outside the house and connects to the inside unit. You need to clean this for the same reasons as cleaning a filter.

The coil requires more strategic cleaning as it is large and has many components. Outdoor elements like dirt, leaves, and sticks can also get caught up in the coils.

To access inside the coil, you normally have to unscrew the fan which is normally located on the top.

After removing all leaves, dust, and anything else, spray the inside walls with coil cleaner and wash it off with a hose from the inside.

We strongly recommend calling a professional to clean the condenser coil. With an intimate knowledge of how these systems work (and how they should be maintained), we’ll ensure your condenser is thoroughly cleaned, works as intended, and is free from damage.

#3 Clean the ducts

Cleaning the whole ductwork system is more complicated and tedious then cleaning the filters or coil.

As such, we once again recommend choosing a professional who is adept in aircon services and repairs.

You can however clean the dust from in and around the vents. Extend a duster inside the ducts to collect more dust within reach.

#4 Contact an air conditioning expect to check the functionality of your system

We may be in the thick of winter right now, but as you know, Brisbane winters are far from chilly. Additionally, every year we recommend our clients to get on top of their air con servicing needs well before the spring and summer months creep up on us. Beat the rush with aircon maintenance in Brisbane from Tri-Tech!

Do ducted reverse cycle air conditioners need servicing?

Yes, indeed! You should get your ducted system serviced once every 12 months. This is especially important if you have a reverse cycle air conditioning system as they work hard throughout the year.

How long should a ducted air conditioner last?

A ducted air conditioning system from a reputable brand should last an impressive 15-20 years with proper care and maintenance. Neglecting regular maintenance or servicing can have a drastic impact on the lifespan and effectiveness of your system.

This short-term relief can have a huge impact on your system when it comes to the long-term!

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