Everything you need to know about cooling a small room

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Air conditioning for small rooms – you’d think it would be a piece of cake, right? A small room means fewer complications and less installation work.

Unfortunately, while it’s often easier, by no means is it a cakewalk!

Air conditioning installation is a complex job, regardless of how big the system or the area that needs cooling is.

Even small rooms have a lot of requirements that need to be accommodated for if you want to stay comfortable.

What is the best AC for a small room?

This is probably your first question – however, it’s one that we aren’t able to give you an easy answer to. As with all things air conditioning, it all depends on your needs, as well as the room itself.

That having been said, there are still a couple of things you can keep an eye out for… 

Room size

This is one of the main criteria we look at, as how big the room is determines how powerful your system will need to be, with larger rooms requiring more powerful systems.

As such, the first thing we do when quoting you on air conditioning installation in Brisbane is measuring out your room and calculating its exact volume.

Using this number, we can determine how powerful your system needs to be to deliver adequate cooling.

(Curious how powerful your system will need to be? Use our air conditioning calculation formula to find out!)

So that should be it, right? Small room, small system, simple as that. Of course, it doesn’t end there…

Room orientation and windows

Does your room face north? Does it have any north-facing windows?

If so, you’re going to need a more powerful cooling system to compensate.

The Aussie sun is strong and harsh, and can often heat up much faster and result in north-facing rooms getting hotter than their south-facing friends.

If your small room faces north, you may need to compensate for that when choosing a system by scaling up.


While larger rooms don’t really have to worry about this as much, for smaller rooms, the heat from electrical appliances and devices builds up and may affect your comfort.

When designing air conditioning systems for small rooms, it’s more important than ever that the system design process takes into account the appliances in your room.

Computers, TVs, chargers, bedside lamps… all of these appliances can drive the mercury up in small rooms. That’s why for small rooms, we begin by taking stock of all the appliances in it, as well as how much heat they generate.

The room itself

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but the type of room itself can also impact the type of cooling solution chosen for small rooms.

For example, say it’s a bedroom – typically, it won’t house more than two people at any one time.

By contrast, a living room is often used by the entire household at the same time, meaning that small living rooms can heat up quite quickly.

Just another thing to keep in mind when choosing air conditioning for small rooms (or any room, for that matter!)

Which AC is best for a single room? Ducted or split system cooling?

That depends: do you only need the one room to be cooled, or do you need the entire home? And for that matter, is it just that individual room that’s small, or is your entire house on the small side?

When deciding whether ducted or split is the way to go, it’s important that you answer these questions.

For example, if it’s just a single small room that needs cooling, then the best way of going about it is probably with split system cooling.

Of course, just because you’re looking to cool a small room doesn’t mean that a small split system air conditioner is the only option open to you!

Multiple small rooms? You’re probably best served by multi-split air conditioning.

And what if it’s a small room in an otherwise large house? In these cases, the best course of action might be to install a whole-property ducted cooling system, or connect the room in question to your existing duct system.

ducted air conditioning in Brisbane

What is the best way to cool a room without AC? Cooling for ultra-small rooms

There are certain spaces in the home that are simply too small for air conditioning, or do not negate it.

We’re talking about:

  • Powder rooms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Ensuites
  • Walk-in robes

We’ve even worked on a couple of homes where the owner worked from home, and used a storage cupboard for equipment and supplies that required precise temperature control (such as computer equipment).

So, what are your options?

Luckily, for most small rooms, they’re connected to larger rooms – provided the rooms they’re connected to have cooling, then it should be no problem at all for your system to help keep them cool.

In cases where exact temperature control is required however, our team can ensure that even the smallest rooms have their own cooling requirements met.

Which brand of AC is the best?

Okay, so now you’ve figured out what sort of system you need to keep your small room (or rooms) nice and cool. Now for the next question: which brand should you choose?

Whether you’re in the market for split or ducted air conditioning in Brisbane, it’s imperative that you choose a reputable brand – one that:

  • Has a locally-based support network
  • Extends warranty coverage to Australian customers
  • You can easily find a specialist for
  • Has a large R&D division backing it up
  • Offers energy-efficient options

Luckily for you, all the brands we work with tick each of these boxes!

Whether you’re interested in Daikin aircon or Mitsubishi air conditioning in Brisbane, either way, your property is in good hands.

Both offer a huge range of options, allowing them to scale up – or in your case, down – to fit the room they’re destined for.

And that’s what makes them ideal for cooling small rooms!

What is the most efficient air conditioner?

You might not be too worried about efficiency – after all, we’re talking about small rooms here.

Don’t make that mistake, however – just because it’s a small room doesn’t mean that energy efficiency suddenly doesn’t matter anymore!

Fortunately, either of these brands will serve you well (without driving up your power bills, either).

In addition to looking at the energy efficiency star rating, you’ll want to keep an eye out for VRV/VRF systems. This technology can dramatically reduce the amount of electricity used, oftentimes by 50% or more!

Tri the best: trust us to look after your comfort

Tri-Tech’s mobile tech team understands the importance of your comfort – that’s why we make sure that every system we install is tailored to your unique needs.

That’s why our system design process is incredibly in-depth, taking into account just about everything you can think of in order to ensure that you’re comfortable.

No matter how small your room is, we’ll find a solution that keeps you cool and which actually works, and all without breaking the bank (and for added convenience, we also offer a range of air conditioning payment plans in Brisbane).

Find out how we can help you today – give us a ring on (07) 3394 0222 or click here to get a free quote for your small room.

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