Bigger isn’t always better in ducted air conditioning installation!

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Everyone sort of just assumes that bigger is better – a bigger car, a larger TV, a larger phone screen. This is an attitude that also extends to air conditioning installation as well.

This is an especially common opinion held with regards to ducted air conditioning. In our experience, many homeowners become enamoured by the idea of having the biggest, most powerful system on the street, “just in case” or because “the extra capacity is nice to have.”

Here’s the thing though: it’s the wrong way to look at your air conditioning!

When it comes to ducted air conditioning installation in Brisbane, you can’t simply choose the biggest, most powerful system on the market.

And today, we’ll be explaining why!

The problems that come with an oversized ducted air conditioning

Just to be clear, when we say “oversized”, we aren’t referring to the physical size of the system (though that is also something that should be considered during air conditioning installation).

Rather, we’re talking about how powerful your system is.

Obviously, a system that’s underpowered is going to struggle to supply your home with adequate cooling, as it simply won’t have the capacity needed.

As a result, your system ends up running for longer and harder to provide the same level of cooling. This results in a larger electricity bill and wasted money. 

However, a lesser-known problem is that a system that’s too large can lead to a whole host of other problems!

1) Accelerated wear-and-tear

Did you know? When it comes to air conditioning wear-and-tear, it isn’t constant operation that causes your system to degrade over time.

More often than not, it’s the act of turning on and off!

Since it’s a more powerful system, oversized ducted air conditioners which will quickly reach your target temperature and automatically shut themselves off.

This means more stops and starts throughout the day, which in turn means more wear-and-tear on your system.

And that directly translates to more frequent needing air conditioning repairs and service.

Not to mention, the larger your ducted air conditioning system, the more complicated and time-consuming your air conditioning service and repairs will be. This can drive up maintenance and service-related expenses even further!

2) Oversized air conditioning = more humidity

Before we explain how an oversized air conditioner affects humidity, we first need to explain what the dew point is.

Essentially, the dew point is the temperature at which humidity in the air (water vapour) condenses, and turns into water droplets. This principle is what causes your car windows to start fogging up on cold winter nights.

This is the underlying process that allows your air conditioner to remove humidity from the air.

When enough moisture builds up on the evaporator coil, it will turn from mist into heavy droplets that then start dripping down into the pan below and then drain outside.

The thing is, the condensation needs to build up to a point where it starts to drip down.

With an oversized air conditioner however, the system doesn’t run for long enough (see the previous point). As a result, the condensation takes the form of mist, and never quite builds up to the point where it forms into droplets that are large enough to drip down.

The mist can easily evaporate and get carried back into your home as your ducted cooling system pumps conditioned air back into your home.

The result? No noticeable drop in humidity and a less comfortable property.

3) It’s less cost-effective

Let’s get something out of the way: an oversized air conditioning system doesn’t necessarily have a large impact on your energy bill.

According to some however, the difference is marginal, thanks to more efficient designs and other factors.

However, that doesn’t apply to the upfront installation costs, which rise the bigger and more extensive your system is!

When performing ducted air conditioning installation in Brisbane, our mobile air conditioning team:

  • Installs mounting and brackets
  • Runs ducting through your ceiling
  • Cuts openings for ducts
  • Installs zoning gates and doors

If your property simply doesn’t need that much cooling however, all that extra effort simply isn’t worth it… especially when you consider that you could have saved a considerable amount on your upfront installation cost by opting for a smaller system.

Essentially, you’ll be paying for capacity that you might never actually use!

What can I do if my system is oversized?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done if your ducted air conditioning is oversized, short of replacing it altogether.

When the team at Tri-Tech can perform air conditioning replacement for you, we will endeavour to reuse as much of the existing infrastructure as possible.

We’ll make use of existing ductwork in order to reduce the cost that comes with replacing an oversized system.

That said, these jobs are rare, as in the vast majority of cases, it’s even less cost-effective to completely replace an oversized system.

As such, the best way to avoid the trouble that comes with an oversized air conditioning system is to avoid it altogether!

System design is the process of determining which ducted air conditioning solution is best for your needs. It’s all about ensuring you get a suitably sized ducted air conditioner installed in the first place.

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What goes into system design?

During system design, we look beyond room volume and system output. Unlike other air conditioning installers, our team also looks at:

  • Windows and sunlight
  • Insulation
  • Heat-generating appliances (like cooktops and computers)
  • Building orientation
  • Structural concerns (such as ceiling space)

Each of these factors can directly affect how much cooling power you need, thereby influencing how large your ducted air conditioning system will need to be to keep you comfortable all year-round.

Ducted air conditioning in Brisbane done right

Don’t sweat it – Tri-Tech it!

There isn’t really a fix for a ducted air conditioning system that’s too large.

All you can really do is ensure that you get an appropriately-sized system from the beginning, and to choose an air conditioning team that will ensure that’s the case.

At Tri-Tech, our team is committed to ensuring that you get the right ducted air conditioning system, right off the bat.

Our team starts by conducting a thorough system design process that covers every single possible variable.

Combine that with our massive range of ducted air conditioning systems from Australia’s favourite air conditioning brands, and we’re able to provide you with a system that isn’t too big, isn’t too small, but which is just right!

Give Brisbane’s leading air conditioning team a call today – call (07) 3394 0222 or click here to get in touch online.

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